scene 1
Kabir said Shahbaz will not be saved now. He came out of the mosque and looked at Zara. He told Zara that I’m sorry. Zara said that you cannot ignore the presence of God. Kabir said I was grateful to him. He didn’t listen to me and he left. Zara prayed for God to give Kabir and end his anger.

When Kabir arrived there, Shabaz was praying in his house, and everyone was watching. The priest asked Carbil that the children were here, so give them some blessings. Kabir said that I didn’t pray for them and stopped talking to God. The pastor said, what do you say as a pastor? Kabir glared at Shahbaz. Shabaz thinks I must control him. He said it was my son, come with me. The guards started following Shahbaz, but Kabir said I wanted to talk to my father alone. Shabaz went with him.

Shahbaz told Kabir, I want to give you strength to make you a priest, but you fell in love with Zara? Carbill said enough, now a killer tells me how to love? God’s love forbids me to kill you. Shabaz gave him a gun and said he was going to kill me. Kabir says I can do it easily, but I won’t. Chabaz says I am your father, so you can’t compete with me. Kabir said, I know that I will do what God does not allow. I will kill you, just as you killed my Zara. I will torture you and throw your body into the river. I will charge you as you did Zara. I will kill you, just as you killed my Zara. I will do it when you are alone. I no longer follow the way of God, so I have freedom. He left from there.

Azra and Imran entered the room. Azra congratulates Shahbaz. Imran and Azra went from there. Azra thinks I want Imran to be the chief priest, which is why I pay tribute to Shahbaz.

Scene 2
Zara put honey in the milk and said I was allergic to it. She drank it and said it would take Kabir back to God’s path.

Kabir heard Azan’s voice and tried to avoid prayer. He said no. Irfan and Salma came to his room. Irfan asks him to keep lying because you don’t respect God. Salma said that we cannot leave that way of God.

Zara is sick. Imran says why are you doing this? She told Carbil. Imran came to Kabir. Zara also came and fell. Kabir was worried and went to bring her water. Zara said nothing would work. Irfan said I would pray for her and Kabir brought the book. Carbil left, but stopped. Ou Fan said that I can’t read without glasses. Salma said Carbill may have read it. Zara vomited. Carbil looked. Irfan asked Kabir to read for her. Zara fell to the floor. Carbil was tightened, but picked up the holy book. He prayed for her.