The plot begins when Rohit asks for a divorce. Sonakshi demanded that he give her 80% of the property and divorce. Some time ago, Sumit asked if you were serious. The plot of Sippys is like a TV series. She said the inspector said that there was an attempt to kill Naren. He asked her to tell Rohit everything, Nishi was calling the police, Rohit stopped her, and don’t let anyone ruin your relationship. Netra asked Naren. Sonakshi said Naren is sustaining life. Netra said the channel is holding a small celebration and your and Sumit’s clothes will be auctioned off. Sonakshi said I can’t attend the party, and Naren is very important. Netra said, I can understand that this is a commitment to the channel, it is your performance, see it as a job, this money will be donated to the spiritual society, and maybe Naren will be blessed by their blessing. Get fine. Sonakshi said I cannot guarantee that I will try, Rohit cannot come, he must be with his father. Summit said, let Rohit move on, maybe this party will ease your tension. She nodded.

Sonakshi went home in search of Rohit. She called him. She drove to the park. She saw Rohit. Rohit reviews this argument. Sonakshi came to him and said, scold me, but talked to me, believe me, I didn’t change the front shot. She fell. He took her hand. She said you didn’t trust me, and then left me, don’t save me. He said I was not so ruthless, and that’s the difference between you and me. He pulled her. She fell on him. He got up and went. He went to Sonakshi and hugged her. He recalled his words and broke the bracelet. She cried and asked what you were doing. He said that you broke our trust, I don’t know the truth of pre-marital life, our marriage is based on lies, and what it means to wear this sign without faith and honesty. He threw the bracelet. she cried. They went home. He threw her clothes. She asked him to stop it. He said I can’t tolerate your face, how can I tolerate this. She said I was your wife and I have the right to this room. He said very well, I want to divorce. She was shocked.

He said you killed our relationship with disloyalty and lies, I want to get rid of your life, I want to divorce. She wiped her tears. She said, give me 80% of the Sippys property and divorce, and you would read the prenup clause. He said your truth has come out and you have shown your greed. She said very well. I’m a greedy gold digger. I don’t care. Think again before you bother me. I love you. I’m not a doormat. You won’t behave like this. Don’t think I’m weak. He said fine, which means you will only stay here, and I will make your life hell. She can do anything, and I want to see what level you can rise to. he goes. Here comes Ash. She asked when you came from the hospital. He asked Rohit why he did this with you. I’m confused. I don’t know why this is happening. Everyone is blaming you. My heart says you are right. She said thank you, at least some people thought I was right.

He said I would explain to Rohit. She said no, do n’t talk to him. Rohit was worried. He was in pain. His father was important. His mother did n’t talk to him. He felt frustrated for my responsibility. He felt that I was being Lied to him. Yash said I swear, I don’t know you, you are an example for everyone, you can get rid of this relationship, you are a big star, and you should not be insulted. She said yes, but I love Rohit so much, he didn’t believe in a second chance, and I convinced love. He said not to love him so much that you lost yourself. She said he was my life, I could forget to breathe, but didn’t love Rohit. She picks clothes. Yash doesn’t feel well. He prays for their love.

In the morning, Sonakshi checked the blankets and said that Rohit had a fever. Rohit said we have to be with Dad, its kid, I have sent the duty sheet to my family, please read and follow. Rohit said that Sonakshi’s name is not on the chart. Please put Sonakshi in my vacancy. I want to be with Tanya. Veena says it’s nice to see you taking care of your wife. Rohan said, Rohit, this is a family and I changed your relationship with Deepa. Yash sees Sonaksi. Wei Na is gone. West smiles. Rohit continued to stand by.

Sonakshi said that I think Rohit has a high fever, please check. Rohit rested. Agit went to check his fever. Rohit asks what you are doing. Ajit said you are okay, I thought you had a fever. Rohit said this is my problem and I will fix it. He asks Vimmi for another cup of tea before taking it to Veena’s room. Rohit went to Veena’s room and asked her if you were okay. He saw Sonakshi under the blanket. She held his hand to check for fever.