The plot begins with Ronette saying Anurag can grab me at any time. Anurag’s shout stopped. Komolika was worried about seeing Viraj. She made excuses. Viraj said that Anurag pursued the kidnappers and Veena’s blood pressure dropped and I came to take medicine. She said I would send medicine. She asked him not to be nervous and everything would be fine. he goes. Shivani asked you to make this Komolika, to be honest. Anurag believes the rhythm should stop. Ronit said Anurag would stop me and I could n’t turn around or the police would catch me. Anurag parked the car. The rhythm stops. Komolika thinks I can’t confess to Shivani, I should be innocent. Shivani said to ask your man to leave Prerna. Komolika scolded her.

She said why I was kidnapped by Prerna, knowing that she was leaving with Viraj and using her head, I don’t want Anurag to be affected because it would affect me. Maybe Viraj did this to accompany her for her love. Shivani asked you for nonsense, do you think Viraj is like you. Komolika shouted at her. Siwani goes. Komolika thinks Anurag will do his best but won’t get Prerna. Anurag throws the key and asks the driver why he wants to participate in the race. The driver asked why you threw the key. Ronnet was in another car. He recalled talking to Jagga and asking him to drive. Goons transferred Prerna to Jagga’s car. Ronit asked the fool to keep Anurag in conversation, and they would take Prerna away. FB ends. Ronnet signed his contract. he is gone. Anurag scolds fools for Prerna’s abduction. Goon asked him to inspect the goods himself. Anurag didn’t recognize Prerna, so she thought about where she was. The idiot asked him to drive away. Anurag left by car. He came to the police station and reported the abduction of Prerna. He showed her picture. The inspector asks if you suspect someone.

Anurag said, I can’t say that when we were at the party, Shivani was running around and talking about the abduction of Prena (kidnapping), I followed the rhythm. He told the number. He said I stopped the rhythm and she was not inside. The inspector said the tempo was in front of you. Anurag said I continue to surpass it. Inspectors said that meant they replaced the Prerna with another car, don’t worry, we will find the answer. Anurag thought I was distracted and couldn’t save her. Ronit said we had to reach out before she was awake and she would yell. Prerna heard his voice and thought it wouldn’t help if I shouted, and I had to leave some clues on the way. She left some jewellery along the way.

She wants Anurag to see it. She thought I knew Anurag would come. Moloy calls the specialist. He said I was in trouble and needed your help. My daughter was abducted. Rajesh’s daughter, please help me find her. Anurag has submitted FIR. The Commissioner said, don’t worry, I will appoint a special team. Mollo said thank you. He said he was preparing to form a special group to look for Prerna, and I would send her pictures. Mohini said that all the guests had left. I think Veena and her family should also go. They broke our functions. I was wrong. Ghanaians will kidnap Prerna from anywhere. The commissioner will investigate the case. Now Veena will Doom home together. Viraj asks how you would comment on Prerna. Moloy said she was such a grateful lady. Veena says Moloy is right. Nivedita said mother is right, you ruined our happiness. Veena mocked. Molloy shouted at Mohini.

He said that we don’t know where Prerna is. Both of you are shameless. Think of Anurag, he will be in a state of tension and an impossible woman. Mohini and Nivedita were angry. Veena wept for Prerna. Komolika behaved sweetly and wiped away her tears. She thinks I must act, otherwise they will doubt me and they will try to know who I am. Ronette said I would be back soon. he goes. Prerna thinks where they got me from. She is drowsy.

Anurag was on the way. He said I had to find Prerna. Prerna asked the fool to leave her. Jagga said I won’t kill you, the one who paid us will kill you. Prerna said that I have a new life in my heart, and you will still give me to them, don’t hurt my children. Jagga asks other fools not to hurt her. She said leave me. Anurag went home. He said I raised the flight information area, I’m sorry, I lost track of the truck and no one received a call for a ransom. Veena said no, I was worried about Prerna, she was pregnant. Anurag said, relax, I promise, I will bring Prerna and her children back home, and I will find them, and when Prerna is with me, I will be back. Velagi said I would follow. Shekhar said we will come. Komolika thinks Anurag seems to reach Prerna, so what about me.