The plot begins when Prerna is afraid that the lunatic will experiment with her with a knife. Jagga asked her not to talk to him too much. Anurag said we will look for Prerna in different directions. Viraj said I would look for it near the mountain road. Shivani said I know. Anurag said I would go with Villaj, well, we will leave. Veena was worried. Suman said, maybe we are thinking wrong, kidnapping is not for revenge. Komorica drinks water for Mollo. She said I thought Suman was right, maybe Prerna was fighting with someone, maybe someone was taking revenge on her.

Molloy said we want to know who it is, then we will wait and see. He received a call from the director. The commissioner said this was good news. Veena asks you got Prerna. Molloy said Praine’s mother was here. The commissioner said we don’t have Prerna, but we’ll get her soon, Anurag gave the speed number, it didn’t work. Moloy said that Viraj had seen the truck number and maybe he had misread any number, which was good news. The commissioner said that we looked at the camera, watched the tempo, and saw the girl being transferred to another car. The owner was Jagga, and we were getting his address. Mollo thanked him. Jagga issued all orders. The lunatic threatened Prerna. She scolded him. He said I was just kidding, are you scared? Veena prayed to Maa.

Viraj and Anurag stop halfway. Anurag said which way we should go now. He saw Prerna’s anklet. He remembered her. He said it’s Prerna. Villaggi said it meant they had gone this way. They move on. Jagga said that all of us are working hard, we will get money, and I will get more money on time. Mutts argue. Jagga said we will talk to Ronit. Komolika believes that if Prerna returns, then she will return to Anurag’s life, then I must go, Anurag feels to Prerna, I hate their love.

She said my plan was to kill Prerna and make her aware of her mistakes. Now Anurag pursues her and Jagga must kill Prerna. Her name is Jagga. Prerna saw the phone ring. The crazy fool answered the phone. Komorica said Praine was killed before police arrived. The fool said, thank you, you have given me a great opportunity, I have the opportunity to hunt now, I promise, I will not let you down. She said why Jagga said this. Idiot asks how fast you can run. He released Prerna. He said that when someone is afraid, I like me and I have to kill you and your children. If you walk to the front door, you will be caught, how to run, do n’t get caught, otherwise I will stab your belly . He asked her to run. She said not to play games with me. He counted and threw a knife. She ran away. He caught her. He went to stab her. She was saved. She hit him. Jagga and the other fools came in. The idiot said Prerna did just that.

Nivedita calmed Mohini. Mohini said that we are fortunate to use Sonalika as our baton, and any other girl will go crazy. Nivedita said I knew she was mature, she handled it well, and we were all lucky. Veena rings the bell. Mohini said to close the door and asked her to stop ringing the bell. Nivedita said I also had a headache, and Anupam went to Prerna. Mohini said that maybe Sharmas planned the abduction so that Anurag would not lose attention to Prerna, I would get angry, I hate Prerna and will do it forever . Viraj shows the bungalow. Anurag parked the car. He said, maybe this is the place, we will park the car here and let go.