The plot begins with Jagga saying I won’t leave you Prerna. The idiot said that you received a call from your boss. The boss asked me to kill Prerna. I want to kill her. Jagga asked these fools to take him to the hospital. He called out Prerna. He said no one can save you. Prerna hid behind the crate. He saw her and asked her where she was going now. She threw things at him and ran. Jagga asked the fool to catch her. She went into the jungle. The fool followed. Anurag and Viraj also found her. Anurag called her. Prerna thought how Anurag could get here, I had to go. I can’t stay here. She moved on. Jagga saw her hiding behind the tree. The fool walked towards her. Here comes the snake.

Anurag asked who was here. He saw some country men. The fools saw the snake and came back. Prerna runs. The villagers said that we stayed nearby, we were chasing a leopard, and it took our animals. Where Anurag thinks Prena is. Veena prays at home. Shivani cried. Mollo comforted her. He said I was sure Anurag would find Prena. Mohini asked Veena to stop the noise. Moloy gets angry and takes over Mohini. Shivani prays for Prerna. Anurag believes that Viraj needs to be brought home. Viraj asked, are you going home? Anurag nodded. Villager gets off. Anurag leaves. Villager got in the car. He said I understood that Anurag would be tired and disappointed, but I had to find Prena. Anurag thought of Prena and said I had to find her.

Moloy asks Mohini to at least pretend that Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s child and at least talk to her. Mohini said that when we fight for others, I hate it. He said I hate to feel ashamed because of you. If you do n’t change, I will tell the truth about Anurag. Do you know what it means? I will tell the truth. What is the image of the ball on your court. In his eyes is a selfish mother or a good person. She said you are threatening me, you are willing to risk his life, I hate you. He said he hated me as much as I could, and I would tell him the truth. She said he was your son. He shouted that Prerna was your Bahu, remember my words. he goes. She said I hate you Prerna.

Komolika came to the warehouse and called Ronit. Where she thinks everyone has gone, I have seen Prerna once and it would be interesting to see her die. Here comes Jagga and the fool. She asked where you were and where Prerna’s body was. He said you talked to my brother-in-law, he tried to kill Prerna, she broke her leg and ran away, we tried to find her but we couldn’t find it. She slapped him and asked where she was. He said she encountered the jungle. She was angry. Prerna reached the village and knocked on the door for help. She is sitting in pain. The lady saw her and asked Sudha to help the girl, and her condition was bad. The ladies brought Prerna into the room. The lady said she had pain and her baby had pain. She asked Sudha to pick up the herbal box. The man asked who she was. The lady said she was a mother, and she came to save her child, and we must save her from the lunatic. The man said no one could reach her. He asked his men to stay at the door and no one should come in. The lady treats. She said that with this kad, you will get better soon. Prerna said I need to call my husband.