The plot begins when the lady says that there are no fixed telephone facilities and that mobile networks are unstable. She asked Prerna to drink kada, and it would ease her pain. Prerna said I would drink it later. The lady asked her to refresh. Komolika said that to be dead or alive, Prerna was in front of me. Jagga said she had run away. She put the knife on his neck and told me about Prerna. Ronette came to her to calm down. She said Prerna escaped. He said that if you do this, she will not return. She said that you helped them run. He said stop. Anurag came to the same place. She asks you why it’s so cool. Ronnett said that if we want to plan the next thing, we must remain calm and calm. She said you dare not teach me. Anurag called her and said I needed a favor. I was calling my dad. His phone was not at home. He had emergency information. Can you call the police and ask them to come to the jungle? She asked what happened. He said I took an anklet from Prerna, I dropped Viraj and came here again, and I saw a storeroom with some lanterns here.

She was shocked to see Anurag. He said there was something to notify Dad about its hidden dangers so that the commissioner could dispatch the team as soon as possible. She said I would tell him. He thanked her. She said I’ll call you later. She ended the call. She said Ronnet, we must do something, Anurag is here. Ronnet saw Anurag. He said Anurag is here and we must do something. She asked them to hide. Anurag entered the place. He didn’t see anyone. Everyone hid. He asked if anyone was there. Komolika runs. He heard the sound and went to see it. He took the knife. The lady introduced her daughter to Prerna. She said that even my daughter was pregnant. Prener said I’m much better now, and I’m a little bit impatient, and I should leave you. The man said, don’t worry, I will send you home. Prerna thank them. She said I had to call my husband and inform him. The lady’s daughter said that my brother’s phone is always online and he will come now and you can call them. Ronette said Anurag was leaving, we are leaving now. He signed Komolika and left. A fool thinks I can’t leave.

Prerna thinks Anurag will be worried. The girl asked her to eat food for the baby. Stupid go home. The whole family was worried about three sentences. They asked what happened. Sanju said I was injured and everything will be fine. The girl asked his phone. She asked Sudha to call Prerna. Sanju asked who girl said she was older to you. Jagga came and said Sanju broke her leg when she beat her. Jagga’s wife / Sanju’s sister said that if I get her, I will defeat her. Jagga said the girl was pregnant, and she was smart enough to run away. Prerna saw them and was shocked. The lady said she dared to break my son’s leg and throw her out. Prerna closed the door. They went in. Prerna was scared. Komolika and Ronit are coming. Jagga called her and said that Prerna was in my house and she was tied up. What did she ask. Jagga said yes, she came here and was arrested.

Komolika said I could come and see her. She arrived. Prerna said you are pregnant too, let me go. Jagga’s wife said I would kill you. Prerna said, I do this to save myself and my children, please … Komolika is here. Prerna said, I should understand that only you can do this. I don’t know that you will be stabbed. You are so scared of me that you took these measures. Komolika said you had to die under my hands and Jagga caught her. Jagga’s wife said that he would not touch her and that the money would double. Prerna smiled. Komorica said I didn’t like her laughter and took money. Jagga and goons free Prerna. Prerna slapped Komolika. Jagga hits the vase on Prerna’s head. Purina fainted. Komorica said she would take her to the cliff. They leave. Ronit says we have been saved from Anurag and no one can stop us today. Anurag leaves. The idiot called and said Anurag was gone. He was sure there was no one here and you could come back. Another fool said we were at Prerna, we were going to take her to the cliff and we would get money from my wife. Anurag caught the fool.