The plot begins with Komolika, saying that Jagga is scaring me here. He asks how do you know his name. She said you called his name. He said I didn’t know his name. She said someone called Jagga when you saved Prerna, and I found someone dropped there. He said that once I realized that I would find out who was trying to hurt Prerna’s child, I would not leave that person. She said I would come back. Prerna waits for Shivani. Komolika saw her. They started to argue. Prerna said you are afraid of me, you are afraid of losing someone who never belongs to you, you call your brother and ask him to hire a fool to kill me, but Anurag comes to save me, you not only face I, and also face my child’s father.

Komorica said that you did not marry Anurag before the world. Even if you wear a mandala and no longer dream of Anurag, he does n’t remember anything, he does n’t remember Komorica, I challenge you, no one can prove it. Prerna said that who told me to prove it, I hope the truth about Sonalika comes out, and it will happen when Jagga realizes it. Komolika said that if death doesn’t hurt me, anyone can do anything. Viraj came to talk to the girl. Komolika said yes, Prerna was saying how much she loves her husband, I don’t understand. Anupam scolded Jagger and asked him to get up and answer. Nivedita asked Anupam to change clothes to sleep. He said no. She said Jagga wouldn’t go anywhere, he was tied up and came over. She went after receiving the call.

Komolika said she wasn’t married and how she called anyone a husband. Villaggi says this will happen soon. Komorica said, how sweet you are, Prerna really likes you, she is lucky to marry her, and I must let you love birds alone and enjoy yourself. She embraces Prerna and taunts. She asked Prerna to take care and leave. Villaggi said I was lucky, I mean, thank you for choosing me. he goes. Prerna wanted to talk to Viraj, and Komolika would be powerless if Anuraj took her hand.

Mohini asked, could you leave that idiot at home because of Prerna. Molloy said, think about how scared Prena would be. I’m proud of Anurag, he did it right. He is lying down and sleeping. Someone knocked on the door. Mohini inspects and sees Komolika. Komolika said I wanted to take sleeping pills. Mohini gave it and said I don’t think you should accept it because it’s sturdy. Komolika said, OK, what’s there. Mohini turned. Komolika takes one pill and boxes it. She left Mohini and thought Prerna disrupted Sonalika and Anurag’s sleep.

Viraj helps Shivani. He asked if you like my Prerna? She asks why you ask. He said that everyone was happy with Prerna and me except you. She said you are not my first choice for Prerna, you are fine. He said I’m glad you said so, you can tell me that person and I will try to be like him. She remembered Anurag and Prena.

She said I like him very much, but I’m sorry. He said, don’t regret, tell me about him. She said I gave milk to Prerna. She left Anurag to drink water. Komolika came and said there was some sound there, please check it. He went to check. She added the pills to the glass. He said no one. She said maybe I was stressed. He drinks water. She thought I would see how they made Jagga speak, I would poison Jagga, they would think he committed suicide, and Anurag would now sleep, no one knew. Nivedita came to pick up Sonalika. Shivani asked who did it, and Sonalika would do it. Prerna said she did. Shivani said, I will tell everyone that you are not safe. Prerna said I am safe, do n’t tell anyone, I ca n’t explain you, Anurag came to save me, he is my shadow, he is always with me, he loves me, but he does n’t know, and soon he will remember everything If you tell anyone, you will see me dead. They hug.

Here comes Anurag. He asked if you were okay. He asked Prerna to sit down. He was joking at Shivani and asked about haldi in milk. I got haldi. Prerna was injured and couldn’t take medicine. He added haldi to make Prerna own. he goes. Villar looked. Mohini said I’m sorry, I decided to call the police and Praine would leave our house. Komorica said no, I never thought of hurting her Prerna, we are from a decent family. Nividita said I was impressed to see your concern. Komolika said don’t call the police, Anurag wouldn’t like it, and then I would like it. She tried to kill Jagger. She thinks my game will end and I will not lose.