The plot begins with Pragya crying and remembering Aaliya’s words. Anyone ask her? Pragya agrees. She went to the back of the wooden shelf and cried terribly. Api looks for her. Allah wariyan as ….. Shahana asks Prachi to Ranbir and rescues him from the girl. Prach said she wasn’t interested in Lambiel or that girl. Maya asks Ranbir to be jealous of Prachi, and says that if she is not jealous, it means she has no feelings for you. She stroked his hair. Shahana asked Prachi to rescue him from his hands, saying that she had the vile atmosphere of a girl. Prach said ok, I would ask him once. Aryan came to Lambiel. Placi also came to him and asked him to come. Ranbir told Aryan Prachi that he might want to talk to him about something important. She took his hand and pulled him from there. Lambiel thinks that Prach may tell me I love you.

Lia came to Pragya and hugged her crying. Pragya asked her to accept reality. Lia says reality is bad, how to accept it. She said she wanted to change everything. She said she wanted to change her birth time and said if I could change my mother. Pragya demanded that she accept life as her own destiny. She says you can’t control your past, but you can change your future. She asked her to try it. Lia asks why you are not my mother. Pragya said I’m not a good mother and you deserve a very good mother. Lia hugged her and wept. Pragya also cried. Lia says Prach is lucky, you are my mother. Pragya said I had to go and told her that she couldn’t cry in front of her. Rhea thinks that you are not my mother, but Plaki’s mother.

Review Serial Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2020

Lambiel asks why you took my hand and brought me here. He asked her if she was serious. He said he was serious about her and gave reasons. Prach asks you drunk? She said to tell me if you’re drunk, I won’t tell anyone. Lambiel wanted to tell her something, and then lied that he drank half a glass of wine. Prach asks why? She said that drinking is bad for you, bad for your health, and asked him why he has this habit. She says you’re addicted and asks if he decides to do what she doesn’t want to do. Lambier looked at her as she continued to speak … songs played … baatein zaroori hai … tu tuheh pehla pyaar hai mera … He is fascinated by her.

He took the flower from someone and gave it to Prachi. Prach asked if he was fooling her and asked him to stay away from the girl. Which girl, Lambier asked, Maya? Does he ask you to be jealous? Prach said, forgetting what I said. Lambiel was happy. Prach says Shahana thinks we’ll remind you when she gets a bad shock from a girl. Lambiel said I thought she was cute. Prach was upset and left.

Pragya thought of Aaliya’s words that Abhi would not bring her back because her daughter hated her. Abhi thought of Rhea’s hatred for Pragya. Pragya remembered Aaliya’s daughter hating her words. A client came to Abi and asked him to consider a trip to Canada. Pragya tried to leave, but he took her hand. Beeji called on everyone to burn lohri. Everyone went out, except Abhi and Pragya. They hug each other. Abhi asked her not to believe what others said and to say what she really thought. Pragya said what you think, I just want to know your true situation.

Everyone was dancing to celebrate Lohri. Ranbir came to Maya, are you sure? Maya wants him to flirt with her cute Dow. Lambiel said things look good. Aaliya called Rhea and told her she had a tablet and asked her to go upstairs. Vikram told Pallavi and beeji that Ranbir was asking about love and what to do. Paravi said I don’t think he is in love. Beeji asked meera to be careful when walking. Rhea called Maya, told her to take the medicine, and asked her to meet her around the corner. Rhea was about to take medicine in the hands of the Maya, but Abhi could not be seen there.

Lambiel said I was ready to do what you asked. Maya asks you sure? He said that the girl was watching us, and now I will be near you, but I will not do anything wrong. He said I believe she was jealous. Prach was angry when he saw this. Ranbir saw Prachi on his phone and thought Maya was running. Maya asked him to take her hand and bring her in. He said yes. Placi thought what had happened, and he brought her into the room.