The plot begins with Lambiel telling Maya that he loves a girl. Maya asked him to name her. Lambiel said that I couldn’t say until I confessed my love to her. The Maya thought she seemed to be adding another tablet. Lambiel said he felt dizzy. She asked for another drink. Lambiel told him he couldn’t say no to the girl. The Maya added a tablet and squeezed juice from Ranbir. Lambiel asks where do you live? The Maya said, sundar nagar. He felt dizzy and was about to faint. He imagined Placi. The Maya said I knew you love Prachi. Lambiel asks what’s in the drink? The Maya say my magic. Lambier asks what you have added to the drink. The Maya said I wanted to be bad for you because I was paid for it. She turned on Sherwani’s button and said I would change your good boy image to a bad boy. Lambiel was shocked and fainted immediately. The Maya called Aaliya and said the work was done. Lia and Alia came to that room. Rhea came to Maya and asked how someone believed you were being harassed. The Maya had nothing to say because I was not harassed. She then held Lambert’s hand and scratched her body. Then she scratched herself and scratched the lipstick and put on makeup. She said, I look harassing now. Lia said that if I don’t participate, then I will trust you. Maya asked them to rehearse. Lia felt sad. Aaliya said that sometimes we have to do this and the results will be good. They leave.

Abhi came to Pragya and asked her to stop. He asked her to come home with him. Pragya said this was not the right time. Abhi said I would be all right. Pragya said, I will remember you. She said don’t ask me how I would come, but I would come. She sat in a taxi and asked the driver to drive. Abhi burst into tears. Song as … Mana dil da hai qusoor … Wikram told Pollab that Rambill must be with his love. Purab certainly wouldn’t. Palavi asked Meera if she was unhappy with Beeji’s words. Mira said no. Paravi said she could accompany her, but had already eaten with the bees. Meera looked at him as he walked into Abhi. Meera, Pallavi and Aryan were unhappy to see him. Beeji asks what happened. Just then Maya came over to cover the sheets and asked someone to help me. Everyone was shocked to see her ruining her makeup and condition. The manager asks you what happened. The Maya said someone tried to harass her in room 105. Who is the manager asking? The Maya said Ranbir Kohli. Does Beeji ask you know who he is? The Maya said he harassed me and I was scared. The manager asked the waiter to lock the room and said he would call the police. Abhi asked him to understand the matter. Wickram said, first look at who’s inside? The manager said that wherever he is, his life will end. Lia said we could sit down and chat and call the police if there was any need. Abhi said there were many people with the same name. Prachi recalls and believes that Ranbir and Maya are getting closer. Rhea told Aaliya that she could not arrest him. Aaliya said you were angry and that you knew the police would come when Maya charged Ranbir. Rhea said she didn’t want this. Aaliya said this is no easy task, and if you support him, he won’t love you. She said he would go out in 2 hours and told them that they had to lie and do something wrong to get something. Lia said she felt sorry for him. Aaliya said that if you open your mouth, you will lose your first love forever. She assured her that Lambiel would be hers and would soon make her recommendations.

Abhi called Ranbir. Paravi said why he didn’t answer the phone. The police came and the manager told the guy still drowsy in the room. Aryan thinks Ranbir just flirts with her, how could this happen. They go to the room. Inspectors awakened Lambir and were taken away by police. Lambiel was shocked.

Prach told Shahana that she saw Ranbir trying to kiss Maya, and he took her hand and took her to the room. What did Shahanna ask you? Prach said I think. Shahana asked if he had harassed her. Prach said he was drunk and made a mistake. Abi asked where Lambiel was? Wekram said that we knew he was innocent, but if the police caught him, it would be problematic. The inspector asked the police to take the Maya away in another jeep. They all saw Lambiel and were shocked. Beeji said my eldest son was innocent. The inspector said you can’t stop the police. Aryan wondered if Ranbir would harass her when he was drunk. Wickram said his son was innocent. Inspectors said they found him unconscious in that room. Vikram asked Pallavi to put bees in it. The inspector took Lambiel to the police station. Lambiel told the inspectors that he was innocent. The inspector said that you are not on your senses and no girl will wrongly accuse anyone. Maya issued a statement. Abhi, Vikram, Prachi, Rhea and others are here. Abhi asked why you locked Ranbir? The inspector said this was a harassment case. Abhi asked if she would be arrested if Maya told him that she had harassed her. The inspector asked him if he was angry. Here comes the media. Abhi asked who told them to be here. The inspector said that if I were not in uniform, the respect of the Mayan girl would be destroyed.