The plot begins when the Mayans accuse Ranbir and say they were in the hallway when they forced Ranbir into the room. Shahana told her that she had seen her get closer and closer to Ranbir. The media asked Shahana if the girl had done it to her and said that the girl was an enemy of the girl. Shahana said I attended the party, not you. Rhea told Ranbir that he was innocent and could not do so. Maya tells Prachi to attend the party and see everything. Prach told the inspectors that Ranbir belonged to a good family and he never did anything wrong with any girl. She said I hadn’t known since I was a kid, but I could say so. The inspector said how did you know when his family didn’t know. He said this was proven in court. Abhi asked him to release Ranbir and said we would take him to investigate. The Maya asked the inspector not to leave him or he would kill him. Abhi said the girl was lying. He said he would release him in any way. Wekram said we will do something. Inspectors said this happened when the guy was drunk. Abi asked what do you mean? Wickram said we didn’t come here to fight. They all left. Lia smirked and looked at the Maya. Maya smiled. Inspectors asked Constable to put Maya in her home.

The media asked Lambiel what to do now. If he really harassed the girl. Lambiel didn’t comment, and thought Paravi might be thinking? Beeji asks Pallavi not to cry and says you should have strength. She said Lambiel was innocent and would return. Abhi, Vikram and Rhea return home. Palavi asked where Lambiel was? Wickram said it was evening so the judge did not release him on bail. Palavi said my son was innocent and said why he was in prison. Abi said we knew Rambill but we didn’t know them. He promised Lambiel to take home tomorrow. Purab thinks Ranbir is not easy. Rhea asked Purab about Aaliya. He said in the room. Lia goes. Purab thinks everyone is worried, and Aaliya said so much to Pragya di.

Pragya cried looking at Kiara’s picture and told her that when she learned that her daughter was there, she wanted to meet and hug her. She said she never missed her day. She said she would only see her when she wanted it. Prachi and Shahana go home. Pragya kept the photos and diary in a cabinet, then opened the door. She said she left early. Shahanna said you were right, we couldn’t even enjoy the party when Lambiel was arrested. What did Pragya come back to ask? Prach told us that a girl Maya accused Lambir mole molestation. Pragya said it was wrong and said someone was trapping him. Shahana asks if Sanju is doing this? Pragya said Sanju was sneaky, maybe someone else. She said she was going to see Lambiel. Placi and Shahanna said they would come. Pragya refused and told her that she would only go at night. She came to the police station. Lambiel hesitated to say that he was innocent. Pragya said I knew it and said I knew you were innocent. Let me tell us that sometimes we have to pay for the virtues of life and say that these things make us mature, and she says that we are also with you and your family. Lambiel said, I’m glad you are here and thank her. Pragya said you wouldn’t be here and told the girl to do something wrong. Lambiel hoped the girl would accept her mistake. Pragya said she will make it happen. When she saw his innocence, she said she trusted him. Lambiel asked Praci if he trusted him. Pragya agrees. Ranbir thanked them for their trust and said I didn’t think I could pay. Pragya asked him to have her coffee after he came out. Who does Rambill ask? You or Prachi.

Lia came to Aaliya’s room and told Lambiel that she was still in the police station. She told her that no one accepted her statement and told Prachi to represent Ranbir and said he couldn’t do it. Arya said she might have opposed him, but said nothing to show his support. She said that tomorrow, Vikram and bhai will help him, and when he goes home, you will go and talk to Maya. Leah was shocked and asked the Mayans if they would do the same. Arya said she had to do everything I told her. She said that when Rambill came home on bail, our second phase would begin.

Abby and Wickram showed Laimbeer the bail documents. The inspector reads the documents. Abhi asked him to hurry. He scolded Wickram for not bringing good value to his son. Abhi said my promise will be fulfilled. Wickram said, even if I was angry. The inspectors demanded that he always hire a lawyer for his son and said he would be punished. Abhi said Ranbir couldn’t do it, and said he was innocent. Wicklam thought. The lawyer asked him not to argue. Lambiel came out and hugged Abi and Wickram. Abby said that I would thank the inspectors. He said Ranbir is not guilty and cannot harass anyone. He said I didn’t mean that I love him, but because I knew him. He said Lambiel would not suffer, otherwise you would suffer. Rhea called Maya, but the latter did not answer the call. She was outside the house and rang the doorbell. The Maya opened the door. Lia walked into the room and asked why she didn’t answer the phone. The Maya said she was busy. After yesterday’s performance, her eyes hurt and she needed to rest. Lia demanded that she die. What did the Mayans ask? She said she would not do it. Rhea asked her to listen fully and asked her to commit suicide. She said Prach is still supporting Rambill even now, and if she says the same, then you will prove to be a liar. She said I thought Prachi would say Ranbir had harassed you, but she didn’t say that. She asked her to break Prachi’s trust and face her saying what she would do if the same thing happened. She asks her to commit suicide in front of herself and says Prachi is great and can save you. The Maya said she didn’t want to act.
Lia let her listen.

Ranbir and Vikram were in the car. Ranbir saw the Maya’s house and recalled asking her address. He asked Vikram to stop the car and asked him to go in. He said it was a Maya house, and I wanted to ask why she did it. Abhi got in the car and stopped looking at their car. He asked Wicklam Lampill where he had gone? Wickram said the house was Maya, and Lambiel went to talk to her. Abhi said the Maya would arrest him again.

Maya asks Rhea if she will stop suicide attempts and if she will be there. She said it was a bakwas idea and asked her to go. Just then, the doorbell rang. The Maya thinks who might be here, and no one knows I’m here. Lia asks if your boyfriend has been here. The Maya wanted her to hide. Lia said who I would see. Lia opened the door, but the Maya came to her, and Lia hid behind the door. The Maya saw Lambiel and asked why he came here? Lambiel said I just drank juice with you. Abi came there and asked Lambiel to come. He took him out, trying to make him understand that if Maya asked her, Maya would not say anything, but would blame him again.