The plot begins when Pallavi asks Vikram if he leaves Ranbir alone in the office and asks him to stay with him. She asked him to inspire him and give him courage. Vikram tells Ranbir that he is not needed, and tells everyone that he is fully supporting him. He said that when Ranbir took office, some people ignored him and talked to him in a sneer. So Prachi scolded them and made them understand that Ranbir did nothing wrong. He told him he was in his hut. He said our son had made a good friend and said she asked if they didn’t know Rambill, how was he? He said he was impressed. Paravi thanked God for granting Prach as a friend of Lambiel. Beeji said Prachi’s mother would also be honored. Pallavi thanked Prachi’s mom for her good growth and told her she wanted to see her and hug her. She asked if we should go to their house. Beeji said yes. They leave. Lia heard their voice.

Abi came downstairs. Purab reminded him about the meeting with the client. Abhi asked him to postpone it. He said yesterday he was tired. He said Ranbir was gold, and he said he did anything wrong. He is so educated that he knows my boy. Purab says your boy or his. Abhi said. He said he could not see Pragya after the party. Purab asked him to talk to her now. He called Pragya and then Abhi. Hello from Abby. Pragya said you called from Purab’s phone. Abhi said he was thinking of her, and that you deal with everything by yourself. Pragya said you are with me. Abi asked if you would meet me? Pragya said she will meet him at the coffee shop at 2am. Abhi and Purab are happy.

Rambill thought of Placi, and then of Vikram. He thinks he will do everything the traditional way. He said he would impress Pragya and asked Prachi to accompany him to meet his mother. They leave. Lia came to Alia and wept. She said Paravi and Bige were thanking God that Paraci was here. She said she didn’t know what magic she did. They want to meet Prachi’s mother and want to thank her for growing up. She asked if they would give her the medal. She asked if they were allying for Placi. Alia said that was not the case. Rhea said Prachi was growing up well and asked if I was growing up badly. Mira came there. Aaliya told her she was hungry. Rhea asks Meera how they raised her? Meera said it the best way and said she was the best. Aliya said I told you. Rhea said that if I was the best and the best person, why did Aunt Paravia go to Placi’s house. She said that didn’t happen and I wouldn’t let them see Prachi. Aaliya asked her to stop this behavior and promised her. She said if you want to tell them the Kohli family brings alliances to Prachi, then don’t do it. She said don’t say you’re fine. Lia says you don’t know how the world develops? Alia asked me if I didn’t know, and told her that she would also go with her and that she could handle things beyond her control. Lambiel asked Praci to call her mother and prepare her for coffee. Prach said ok, then called her. She said you were crazy by yourself, and now she supports your lunatic.

Sarita behen answers the call. Placi asked her to ask her mother to prepare coffee with them. Pragya is ready to go. Sarita behen told her that Ranbir and Prachi came here for coffee. Pragya thought she was going to meet Abhi. Sarita behen asked her to bring her children with her. Vikram called Pragya and said my family wanted to see you and asked if they could come to her house. Pragya said yes. What did she think? She thinks she wants to see Abi. Pallavi and beeji asked Abhi to go with them because they were going to Prachi’s home to thank them. Abhi said he was about to meet his wife and call his customers to go to the cafe. He asked them not to come.

Placi told Lambiel that his unexpected things would not change. Lambiel said I had just been locked up. They left in the car. Ranbir likes Prachi, saying that the Mayans looked at them and called Rhea. She said I saw them leave the office together. She said that I only knew that Lambier was very rich, and asked her to send her photos for the money.

Plaki said Lambier, you’re in a good mood. Lambiel is all because of you. Prachi asked him not to get stuck. Ranibil said yes. Maya thinks the bigger trouble is that I will get more cash. Rhea speaks whatever Maya says. Aaliya asked her to calm down and said she was talking about our strengths. Where did Lia say they went? Aliya says it may be for work.