Review Serial Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 1st April 2020 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Shakuni reading a suicide note and then hanging down. A guard comes to save him. He says I have found a solution for your problem. Shakuni asks what is it. The guard tells about his relative making the same imitation necklace for Gandhari. Shakuni says but we have lost the money. The man says don’t worry, we can get the new coins, but we have to give 20% goose. Shakuni says leave me. The man says 10% final. Shakuni says hold me. Maharaj comes to look for Gandhari. He says some insect has bitten my back, if you could itch my back, then I can remove the lice from your hair, I think she isn’t here, I need a pole to scratch my back.

He thinks Shakuni and the guard are the pole. He scratches the back and says maybe this pole is made to itch. The guard itches his back. Maharaj goes. Sanjay is on the way in the jungle. The girl looks on. Sanjay smiles seeing her. Tumhe jo maine dekha….plays… She says I thought you won’t come. Sanjay says impossible baby. She asks what do you mean. He says my darling, my Sona. She says you mean you want the gold from me. He flirts with her. Albert is at the bar. He hears some people talking and goes to see Shakuni. Shakuni says its imitation necklace. The man says we can see it, how will Maharaj and Maharani see its fake, just give this and your tension is over. Albert says he is going to give fake necklace to Maharani. The man shows the new coins.

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 1st April 2020 Written Episode

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 1st April 2020 Written Episode

Shakuni asks is this real. The man says yes. Albert says he is making the black money white. He meets Shakuni. He asks Shakuni to hear the music. Shakuni listens to the music. Albert says I will increase the music more. Shakuni dances with him. Muqabla….plays…. Albert dances with him. Sanjay and the girl Sunaina get caught by the tribal people. Sanjay asks for help. He is tied up. Everyone greets Sunaina. Sanjay asks is this goons army yours. She says your final time has come. Sanjay asks what’s this joke, ask them to leave me, stop this drama. She says you thought you will catch me by making demonetization plan. She beats him. He says just tell them to leave me. She goes.

Senapati sees Shakuni and thinks he is dead. Shakuni gets up and says now we shall see how Sanjay helps Maharaj. Sunaina makes Sanjay wear some brinjal garlands. Shakuni comes there with guards. The tribal people run away. Sanjay asks him to free him. Shakuni says I will not leave you. Sunaina gets caught by the guards. Sanjay says I will come to save you. He begs Shakuni. Shakuni says then you won’t insult me in front of Maharaj. He lights the fire and says I have freed you. Sanjay gets worried seeing the fire. Shakuni takes Sunaina to the Rajya. He says Maharaj will be glad to see you and then he will praise me, I will get my lost respect, you will get death punishment. Pranpriye comes. Shakuni asks him to see whom he caught. Minister Pranpriye says I have got two news, one good and other bad, the new coins are fake. Shakuni faints. The man says hear the good news, Maharaj has taken back the demonetization step. Shakuni says I will get my old news back. The man says my fraud brother has run away with your real coins. Shakuni asks what. Sanjay shouts for help.

Sanjay comes to the Sabha and says Sunaina is innocent. Sunaina shouts in Shakuni’s ears and faints him.

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