This episode begins with Guru ji, saying that some kind of power is protecting Avi and is always with her. This is your responsibility to identify the force and keep it in touch with Avi. I can point out this path and your responsibility to find the goal. . Maha thought of Ratley. Master Ji put his hand on Avi’s head. She woke up. Maa embraces Avi. The guru blessed her. Madhuri thinks I will save Avi forever. Ratri tried to establish a connection with Raghav. She wants Avie. He said she would be with Ma. Ratley said, I will find out.

Meri Gudiya 17th January 2020

Adrika wants to do something. She thinks I know something about Shaurya’s knife. She put on a skirt and wanted to capture Sarah with her beauty. Ratri stopped Raghav. She asked him again Avi. He had breakfast and said I was leaving. Ratley interrupted Lagarve again. He asks you to miss Avey. he is gone. She thinks there are some secrets behind visiting the temple. She came to Adrica’s room. She saw Shaurya’s name written on the wall. She said I had to see her. Turanta praised Adrika. She hypnotized him. Here comes Du Lala. Ratley also hypnotized her. Shaurya asked Turanta to drink coffee.

Adrika drinks coffee for him. He said they are playing games, can you also play them. He talked to her. He does magic and hypnotizes him. She said it was my turn now. Ratri came to feed Adrika some liquid. Everyone got rid of the curse. Shaurya saw Ratri and Adrika. He asked what happened. Ratley said nothing.

Adrika clicks selfie with Turanta. Ratley thinks my potion is magic. She smiled. Maa writes about the marriage of Ratri Raghav. Durally asked, how are you doing? Maa said that for Avi’s sake, this marriage would happen. Dulaari said yes, but it didn’t look good. Maa wrote that Ratri loves Raghav. “We don’t know if she hasn’t got married yet,” Durally said. Ma wants her to find out.

She asks Dulaari to do this, and she will talk to Raghav. Durally said it was fine, if they both got married, that’s right. They saw Madhuri’s picture and missed her. Ratri makes cookies for Avi. Dulaari asks if you like all children or like Avi. Ratri said that every woman loves children, but Avi is special and I feel a connection with her. Durary smiled and asked if you wanted to get married. She said sorry, I don’t know if you are married. Ratri thought that I had to do magic on Raghav before marriage could happen. She said I love someone, he doesn’t love me. Dulaari said, I know you liked Raghav as a college student, but I don’t know that you did not forget him. Ratelli asked who told you. If you are gone, Durally said, what will happen to Avey. Ratri thinks I want to marry Raghav. Durally asked if you could stay here forever. Ratley said I was a guest here and gotta go, I went to Adrica. She is happy.

Dulaari says Ratri prefers Raghav and Avi, and she is not married yet. Ma Ah smiled. Durally asked her to persuade Lagoff. Lagarve asked you to call me. Maa wrote that Avi needs a mom. Lagarve said I knew that. She wrote that Avi’s mother would be Ratri. He was shocked.