Review Serial Naagin Season 4 14th March 2020 Written Episode

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The plot begins when Vish tells Dev that Vrushali and others have tried to stop Brinda, but she has clashed with Rajat. Where does Vrushali ask? Ketki said we knew she must be mixed with Rajat. Baa said the girl was talking to Brinda. The developer yelled at Baa and told him that if he did not ask Brinda to choose between Rajat and him, he would not trust Pishakar. He said Brinda wasn’t in the ritual, so it was clear she chose Rajat and left your eldest son. He asked Baa to accept this and said I had accepted it. Vish said she would definitely come back because she had no money. Frusali said the door to Brinda’s house was closed. They all left. Vish apologized to Dev. The developer said, don’t regret everything my child friend Brinda did.

Purohit ji expressed his condolences to Brinda for the death of Maniyata. Brinda told me that when I want to be the strongest person, she will kill the enemy and learn all the tactics in this world. Brinda turned to her. Swara said that when Manyata’s mother asked you to stay away from Bell Patel, I searched and read your dad’s book before I knew Nagins was hurt by Bell Patel. Swara told her she was saddened by the death of Manyata and told her to be with her. She asks who they are, who wants to hurt you, and who you want to avenge. Brinda said the Parricks and said they were the killers, and I would kill everyone. Swara asked Dev. Brinda said that even as a developer, I would kill him.

The developer came to the meeting room and recalled everything. Ho Maana’s song is playing … He remembers his moment, venting his anger and throwing things into his room. Vish wanted to keep an eye on him. He took up the towel and asked why Brinda looked at the earrings.

Swara asked if Purohit ji was ready. They went to Brinda tied to the pillar. Swara tells Brinda that she must change from icchadhari naagin to more powerful Naagin. Purohit ji says that you must turn your book knowledge into reality. They called some men there. Swara said that they came to let you practice and fight against them, but did not do anything to think they were the Parikhs. They threw Bell Patel at Belinda. Brinda shouted. Swara asked her to attack them. Brinda broke the rope and attacked these people. They fell down.

Developers require their employees to withdraw money from the bank. Akash said that you haven’t slept for several days and asked him to rest. Swara asked Brinda to attack them. The developer told him that he wanted to be a bigger and richer businessman and I would not be able to sleep until this happened. Brinda fought against men and defeated them. Swara thanked them and asked them to leave. She asked others to come. Brinda saw the snake charmer playing the flute there. She started dancing. Swara asked her to control herself and not focus on music. Naagin’s song plays … Brinda fell. Swara helped her get up. Brinda asked what happened. Swara said you lost, but we will try again. Brinda said I would win. Swara says you will win and hug her. She said you must return to a family of warriors who have never been defeated. Brinda says this will happen. Vish asked Dev to move on. What does the developer ask you? Weiss said that you must forget Brinda and continue living. The developer says that you or the woman thinks they can read the mind of a man, and says he is considering doing business.

Vish didn’t think he was angry, and Naagmani didn’t shine. She came to Mundika and told her that Namanmani was not on the developer’s forehead since Brinda left. She said she asked Purohit, but he said he didn’t know. She said Swara came to the Parikhs, but she didn’t seem to care about Brinda. She said she was going to be angry. Mondica asked her to scratch her face and become like her. She said Brinda could fall into some magic trap. Vish had an idea and told Mundika that she had a good weapon and moved her hair away from her face. Mondica tries to stop her and tells her that her strength will weaken when her face is exposed. Vish scratched her face. Mundika countered Vish. Vish turned into a snake, holding Mundika’s body. Then she split in two, and the other half bit her forehead. Then she lifted Mundika and grabbed her hair, hurting her badly. Mundika shouted.

After 5 months,

Brinda came to the temple. Swara and Purohit ji looked at her in surprise. Purohit ji said these clothes. Brinda says white is a sign of peace, but it will be their dead suit. She said she would fight the war now and take revenge. She said that the dream that Nanyantara sees, I will realize. She accepted Swara’s blessing. Swara asked her not to trip. Brinda said, I will take them to the crematorium. She said she would kill their developer specifically. Mondica came to the temple and burned the pillars. As shown, Vish took her avatar. Vish tells Mundika to remind her that she has locked Nayantara inside and tells her that she must kill her and gain her avatar and strength. She said I would meet you like Mundika, otherwise you would recognize me. She said she will let Nayantara dance to get Naagmani based on her own tune. She removed Nayantara from the pillar. There is mud in Nanyantara. Vish poured water on her through magic. Nayantara opened her eyes and told herself that she was Nayantara, but her face changed. Weiss said I gave you this face so that you could get revenge from Brinda. Nayantara tried to see her face. Vish stopped her and said I didn’t want to scare you. She told her that she would take her to Parikhs and asked her to shake her hands. Nayantara said that I have shaken hands with Vishaka, and now I will not do the same thing. I will do everything as I wish and ask her to follow her. Vish agreed and shook her hands. Nayantara said that even though my name is going to change now, I am now Shalaka.

Vrushali asked if a trip had been arranged for Holika Dahan. Ketki and Ira asked about her diamond earrings. Vrushali said she was the mother of the successful businessman Dev. She asked where baa and Akash were. Baa and Akash are out. Baa tells us that anything that happened a year ago is unacceptable. I don’t think Brinda has succeeded. Akash said that even I spent a lot of time agreeing with this fact. He said we must accept that. Here comes the developer. They told them to wait for her. Khyatri and Ketki told them that their ba fish was auspicious to us, and that day we made money. Akash said she was here. Brinda came there and heard their voices from a distance.

Developers keep watching. The veil of his new bride. Vrushali says this is your first Holi. Ketki said that Dev got married this morning. Vrushali unveiled and colored Nayantara / Shalaka. Brinda looked at her in shock. Volusari wishes them a happy holiday. Dev and Nayantara lit the Holika fire.

The developer came to the room later and told us that this is our first night and I respect your space. Nayantara said, I hope to marry you. She said I knew it would not be easy to accept this, and you might feel embarrassed now because your ex-wife left you. He said that you will not be transferred, but you will set goals in life. She said I was attracted to you by seeing your love for your family. She said you could take your time and said she would sleep on the sofa. He said he was going to sleep on the sofa and asked her to sleep in bed. Nayantara / Shalaka says who can leave such a good husband. Swara called Brinda and said I know how you feel now. She said, even though I don’t know now. She said I go there every day, but I don’t know when they will marry Dev? Brinda said I couldn’t become weak and told her she would correct her mistakes. She said she would do things the Parikh family didn’t expect.

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