Review Serial Nazar 13th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

scene 1
Parake asks Ap, are you still angry? See I got your favorite milk. She looked at Apu. His eyes gleamed. Palak called Pandit ji and told him that his eyes were shining. Pandit ji said, you have to stab him. Palak said I can’t do that. Pandit ji said there was a reason for this. Hurry up. Palak went to Appu. He fell asleep and Parak was going to stab him. Apu gets up. Bella leather. He went back to sleep. Pandit ji said that Appu was Davansh.

Madu said idols hurt me. I tied a witch to protect. Why doesn’t it work who will mess with it? Pandit Ji may know me. but? Pandit tried to break my witch protection circle. How did he do it, because he left later. Someone did it for him. But who Pandit ji asked Pakak to do vidhi. Palak said what would I do? He said you must. You must save Appu.

Scene 2
Hema and Marani were ready. Where does Urwashi say maa ji? Hema said there. Duddy is doing Pooja. Where did Daddy say Arp? Madu said I let him sleep. Duddy said let’s go to Pooja. Madhu said that everyone will stay in Apu. He may be afraid alone. Everyone went to Pooja.

Palak made rangoli outside the house. Pandit ji asked her to stop Madhu. Palak hastily created it. She said I had to do it before the moon rose. Madhu fell asleep in her room. Palak came to her room and turned around in her bed. Arp is here. He whispered what are you doing here? Palak said, let’s go from here. No one knows I’m here. Madhu woke up. Arp and Parak hide. Ap started laughing. Madhu found them. She said, it is the one you are helping that world. You should be sent to the world, not just this house. I will do it now.

Madhu throttled Palak. She said that you were lucky. I didn’t kill you like I killed others, so no one suspected that the witch was alive. But I will push you away from this balcony. It looks like an accident. Palak says why are you doing this? Abu is your brother Madu, saying that Apu is a Da Vinci. Da Vinci is much stronger than the Witch. I never made him realize his power. Bella pushed Madu. She screamed and fell. Madhu says maa ji and dadi will not let you live here. They will send you to prison. Parake said, I will tell everyone that you are a witch.

Urwashi and dadi went upstairs. Urwashi said Palak what are you doing here? Ap’s scream saved me. He is behind the wall. Ap broke the wall with his strength.

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