Review Serial Nazar 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

scene 1
Urwashi says what are you doing? How did Daddy say you came in? Urwashi says we respect you and make you our DIL, but you try to stab our son. Daddy said, please leave here before we call the police. Palak recalled what Pandit Ji said. Palak said my family did not allow me to enter the house. Please let me stay here. Duddy said there were no vacancies in the house. Parak said, please let me stay here. Urwashi says we don’t trust you. Madu recalled that Parak said she would tell everyone. Duddy said, go to Parak from here.

Madhu said Palak will live in the house. What did Duddy say? Urwashi said she tried to kill Appu. Daddy says you kick her out first Madhu says I’m making this decision as a woman. If she were your daughter, would you kick her out? She has nowhere to go. Her uncle and aunt wouldn’t let her in. She is our DIL. Do you want her on the road? Urwashi said, but she stabbed Appu. Madhu said we must leave her here. She has legal rights in the house. So we must leave her here. Urwashi said, what if she wanted to hurt him again? Madhu said I will be staring at him 24/7. No one can hurt him. Duddy said, how can we forget that she tried to kill Ap. She was using her law and we didn’t even call the police. Madhu said please call Pandit ji and ask if he should stay in the house.

Palak says I’m here, but how will I face the witch? Madhu said that Pandit ji allows Palak to stay with us and make better decisions for us. Dadi chats with Urwashi and Panditji. Madhu said Pandiji sent Palak. Why did he send her here? She is an ordinary girl, how can she face a witch like me. I won’t let them get in the way. I can’t be taken lightly. She married Ap and then broke the witch circle. Now she is here again.

Scene 2
Palak is looking for Appu’s drug. She said Madhu locked him in the room. Palak ran upstairs. Madhu sees medicine. Ap is talking to Madhu. He said we were hiding under your bed and you were angry. You restrained Palak. You pushed her away from the balcony. You also locked me in the room. I was angry and broke the door. Did Madu say your dream is over? Apu says nightmares. But if this is a dream, how can I be hurt? Palak said it was not a dream. Madhu said that you fell off the bed and got a bruise. Apu said why did I see these dreams? Madhu said, because you are still young. When you get older, you don’t. Abu said when did I grow up? Everyone is in this house. She gave him a milkshake. Parak said, I must save Ap from this witch. For her mission, she did it to ensure his psychological stability. I was saved from Madhu. I’ll tell her tomorrow.

Scene 3
Holi function is activated. Arp said happy Holi. Appu applies color on Palak. The function is activated. Palak dances on Dhol Bajay. Palak dropped Madhu into the pool. She drowned and entered Witch mode. Madhu came out as a witch. Everyone was shocked. They all screamed. Urwashi stopped breathing. Pandit ji said that you must put this mirror in front of the witch, Parak. We will catch her. Where did Daddy say Arp? Everyone was screaming. Palak tries to occupy Madhu. Apu was injured by stepping. Parak looked at him. He screamed for help. Pandit ji says what you are doing. The witch will run. Palak runs to save Appu. Madhu runs. Parak said Apu are you okay? He was scared that Parak said to take him home.

Parak said, I’m sorry I can’t expose her. We cannot tell anyone. Pandit ji said that you have to save Appu and you did it. Pandit ji said that when Madhu was exposed, she would not be intimidated by anyone. Pandit ji said that you must tell Urwashi. Palak said how could I tell her she would be hurt.

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