scene 1
Avey said we have only time tonight. Shekhar said Adrishi gave us some papers. Let’s check it. Ansh is close to Piya. Pia pushed him to the bed, near him. Ansh kissed her. Pia keeps him busy.

Avi said what the documents said. If we add this, it may mean something. Cetelli said, wow, I’m proud of your ACP. They try to find out. Avi said the black dress could only be burned by the mean son. What does Cetale say? Shekhar says this is the sun. Not sons they say that the setting sun can burn it. Ansh went there and said it was useless. We will leave before the sun rises. Let’s go, sweetheart. This is a good plan, but useless. I want to leave before the sun rises in makarsakranti. Ansh said go. What does Cetali say we are doing now? Pia says our children and family are here. Please let us stay here. What does Ash say you have a new plan? She said, please let us stay here for a while. Did Ash say the sun is out? Did Ash say my ability has weakened? Chetali said she wants us to celebrate lohri together. Ansh said Lohri was last night. Vedeshree said that we cannot celebrate because of your party. Pia please, can we celebrate Lohri here?

Naman shoots arrows at Saavi and says it’s for you. My wife gave it to me. Saavi said you wouldn’t go. He said my wife didn’t want to come out. Saavi says what if we force her out? What did Naman say?

Scene 2
Everyone is preparing for Lohri. Here comes Mohana. Everyone was shocked. Pia says you? Mohana said don’t be dazed. Do you want to know if I am alive? You are an idiot and thought I would die. I did not die Pia said the explosion. And Barka. Mohana said Barka was dead and I lived. I just pretended to be Barka. You are my family Vedeshree said you want to drink liquid. Avi said why did you let Ansh drink it? Mohana said you thought they came to me. I know they come to me. I told them to give it to Ansh. You all ruined my plan, so this time I made a different plan. Ansh is your strength. Now he stood on the dark side. No one can beat us now. Today, I am proud that Ansh has become my son. Your growth and love are lost.

Ansh knows. Ansh said yes, I know you are Mohana. I don’t care, these people are nothing. I am leaving. Mohana said he killed Piya first. Otherwise she will always stand in your way. Kill her. Everyone was shocked. Vedeshree says there is no Ansh. Ansh said no, I like her. Ansh said I stole her dagger last night. She can’t hurt me. We can kill someone. Mohana says no, you must kill her now. She is Devik. She may be a problem for you. You are king you will get many girls. Ansh said I could kill her. He walked towards Piya. Vedeshree says there is no Ansh. Mohana contacted everyone. Avi said no. Vedeshree says she is your wife. Shekhar says she saved you a lot of lives. Mohana said it was my revenge.

Scene 3
Dilruba said, are you ready to come to Churchill? Naman asked the workers to take everything from the house. She said, so he will be here soon. Naman ignored her. He asked them to bring in new furniture. Barka said, what happened here? Saavi came over and said I didn’t like the bed. I want a red bed. It’s romantic colors. Naman said, I want to buy a velvet red bed.

Ansh said you want to say something? Pia burnt the woods. Ansh blew it and said you were right. This Devic may be a problem for us. So we better kill her. Pia took out a dagger from him.