scene 1
Where does Piya say that Ashoka can go? Nishant says, what if it’s related to liquids? Vedeshree said he must have gone out randomly. Avi said yes, he must be nearby. Ansh said, let’s check. Pia said I shouldn’t slide that jar. Ayu went home and everyone was shocked. Shekhar said where are you? He said I went out for a walk. Pia said something. He said I forgot I was part of this world and now people can see me. Ansh says Piya is worried about you. Did Nishant say what you saw? Like the liquid / smoke following you? Does Pia say you have smoke inside? He thought back, but the lie Ayush went home. Avi said, what if it went into his heart and he didn’t see it? Ansh said we should pay attention to him.

Piya said, thank God, you are fine. Ansh took her hand and said, what if I want to play a drama? Once you get used to power, you can’t get rid of it. Pia said with a smile, the same goes for drama. You can’t pretend me. Your eyes cannot lie. Ansh said what my eyes tell you now? Pia says you are my Ansh, and I am the only one. They heard noise. Pia said I heard something.

Ayush saw Parry sleeping. He did some magic, and said Pari, the dream sweet. Parry was dreaming on the playground. Parry said, where did all the children go? Ayush said anything could happen. She was trapped in a maze. Parry screamed at her mother. Pia woke up and said Parry called me. Ansh and Piya came to her room. Ansh said she was asleep. Pia said it was her voice. It may be a dream. They leave. Adi saw Ayush and said to his uncle, what are you doing here? He said sweet dream Adi.

Scene 2
Ansh, Piya and Adi came to the hall. Where does Pia say everyone is? Ved said Shekhar was still sleeping. Pia said he woke up in front of everyone. Vedeshree said Chetali and Avi were also sleeping. I didn’t wake everyone up. Ansh said, let me wake up the children. Pia said let me have breakfast. Vedeshree said I was sleepy. She is sleeping on the sofa.
Ansh came to the children and said to wake up. You have to go to school. All your horses are sold. Laugh at my dad’s joke. Ansh said Addie, wake up. Parry Ansh told Piya. Pia says they don’t want to go to school. Ansh said no, they didn’t wake up. They try to wake Vedeshree. Ansh said why didn’t she wake up?

Ayush also threw Vedeshree into the maze in his dream. Parry screamed. She said, “I can hear your voice, earth.” where are you? Adi is also in the same maze. Everyone comes. Where does Avey say I am? Piya and Ansh tried to wake everyone up. Ayu didn’t wake up either. He pretended. Ansh and Piya were worried. Pia said what happened. No one woke up. Parry saw Mohana. She said I was going home. Where is mom, dad? Mohana shook her hand and said you fell into a dream that never ends. You will always be trapped here. Piya and Ansh saw scars on her hands. What did Pia say happened?

Scene 2
Does Naman say my wife won’t come out? I will have to go there to beg. He said I should not agree with you. Sawyer said I didn’t mean that. He said that I should go to music and ask her to come back. Naman took off the cloth from the frame. Diruba is absent. She chose Daphne and said to my baby. Saavi and Naman saw her blankly. Dilruba says we must go. It’s about the husband of time.

Vedeshree and everyone were worried. Mohana came to Vedeshree. She said to keep looking. No one will find anyone.
Naman said, don’t say that. Dilruba said it was time to go. Naman said, please come over. We can’t go to the chorus. Saavi says you are no longer there. Please stay here. Dilruba said that I must return to the choir. She said Saavi is here. She gave Dufley to Savvy and said I mean, only I was going to be unexpected. I have to go back there. I am no longer part of this world. It is wrong for you to bring me here. Dilruba recalled Saavi’s address to Nishant. Dilruba said forget me and move forward in life.

Vedeshree said Mohana, are you here? Everyone said that Mohana was in front of me. Avi said what happened? Mohana said that all of you can only see me. Can’t find each other. Adi said I could walk through the wall. I will find everyone. Mohana said to try. He cannot surpass it. Mohana says these are not ordinary walls. She tied everyone together. Mohana said, see how I avenge everyone.

Naman said that this is just a plan to take you out. This ring is fake. Diruba said I knew. Because the real ring is with me. Take it, I know who you should wear. Take care. Naman hugged her and said not to leave. Even if you stay in the picture. Dilruba says that you and Dufli need someone. I hope you two have all the happiness. I know you will always take care of her and she said that Dufli’s two Rivavanshi will bring you to grow. Everyone stays happy. Dilruba says one more thing, I want to tell you one thing. She took off Naman’s bracelet. He said you got fat because of me. You no longer need it. You are Rivavanshi, and I am proud of you. I have to go. She walked into the photo. Naman caresses her picture.