scene 1
Pia said, do you really want us to leave your life? Ayu said yes. Ansh said, OK, Ayush, we will do what you want. Parry said we will never see again, can I hug you? Parry hugs him. Ansh said that you will always be our family. Mohana says don’t waste time. Pia said I was leaving. All the time we spend with you is precious. She hugged him and said thank you. Everyone walked away. Parry said we were together. Adi said, we will see what happened. They hold hands. Mohana said all obstacles on my way were disappearing. I don’t have to see your lights flash again. Ashok stopped them. He said the ship must go to the moon. Can’t go there alone now. So I go. Pia says don’t do this. Aesu said that all of you gave me love and respect. Will i hurt you I don’t know what family is. I can’t forgive, so I chose punishment. Parry said when are you coming back? He said never. Chetali says why Chandler Ras is not working for you? He said that because this is an ideal country, everything is possible here.

Scene 2
Nisant said they were all in the ideal country. I must go in and take everyone away. Save said I would go there. Nishant said no, I would go. Naman said I would go there. I will find a solution there. We only have one minute.

Ayush pulled Mohana and said, I will take you there too. Mohana said leave me. Aesu said no, you will go with me. He said Piya, tell dad I’m gone, sorry.
Everyone wakes up. Pia cried and told Nishant Ayush to land on the moon. Savi cried. Shehar said we could not stop him. Mohana said I didn’t want to go there. Asius said I can take you there. Mohana shoved him. Moonlight burned Ayush.

Scene 3
Naman called Savi and said Daphly was not at home. Saavi said she was here. What did Naman say? I’ll pick her up.
Where does Pia say Adi and Parry? They are on the balcony. Adi said we were saying good night to my uncle. Parry said he was there.

Naman said I was worried about Dufli. Saavi says she heard what Dilruba said and thought it was correct. You can stay here. Piya and Ansh came there. Pia says you have to stay here tonight. Ansh said you must. Ansh said something to Piya.

Scene 4
Mohana was taken to the hospital. She lost her mental stability. She said I was from the moon. I’m a love mold. That Devic and her brother sent me to the moon. I will kill that Devik Piya. The doctor didn’t believe her. Mohana tried her own life, but she couldn’t. The doctor said you need to rest.

Ansh hugged Piya and said he couldn’t sleep? She said I was thinking about Naman and Savvy. Why haven’t I considered them before? Dufli was so close to Savi. They have known each other for a long time. Ansh still said. Why does Pia say? Ansh said let them decide. They will realize. Pia said I knew them and they would not confess their sins. Ansh says it takes time. Just like to us. It must happen naturally. She said we shouldn’t delay. You blocked my wedding. Ansh says, and what you do in the jungle. Biya said you were taken by your mother because of it. Ansh said you risked my life for me. I’m scared. I’m in love, but it took some time to realize. Pia says our love begins in the jungle. Ansh said no, this is not a good idea. Please say please. Ansh said yes. Pia hugs him.

Ansh told Naman that you and Saavi would come with us to see the house near the temple. We are buying. What house does Shehal say? Vedeshree said we are buying. Naman says why do you need us? Vedeshree said we need more input. Pia said, what is dangerous for us. Saavi says you already have power. Vedeshree said we would take care of Dufli.