The plot begins when Ishani goes to the temple and weeps. Babe came to hug her. She asked Ratan what he said, there was a small dispute between the couple, and God kept us in a relationship. Ishani asked if there were any relationships that hurt me a great deal, so I should call them relationships and why I should maintain them. Babe asks Laden if he tells you anything and I will pull his ears. Ishani said I didn’t mean that, and I didn’t want to say bad to him. Babe said, then said no, I’m not your Dadi-Saas, but my best friend Saas. Ishani smiled.

Bebe said that in sharing things, my heart was open. Ishani said that when two people have a relationship, they should understand each other. He forced me to go to Sanjivani. He knew very well that the place gave me nothing but pain, and he took me there. Sanjivani, the wound is very fresh, you tell me what to do, I don’t understand. Babe thought, saying that we were going to have snacks. Ishani asked. Babe said we want to drink tea and snacks at home. They went home.

Babe called Radan. She said that with so many roses, Ratan had asthma, and he would die from so many roses. NV fell. Babe asks why you don’t throw roses. NV said I was fine. Ishani quickly opened the rose. Ishani said I would call the doctor. NV said that if I get treatment, it will be treated by Dr. Ishani. Ishani asks what happened to you. He said that I said just now. Babe said he was right, the doctor would take a moment to rescue him, take medicine, and hurry up, I beg you, you listen to me, yes, I am afraid. Ishani said I couldn’t do it. Babe said not to be stubborn, he might die. Ishani gets a medicine chest. She gave him an injection. NV got better. He said thank you Dr. Ishani. Babe hugs him. She blessed Eshani. Ishani saw the file. She got up and went. NV hugged her and nodded. Ishani signed the document. He asked her to wear a medical coat. She looked at herself in the mirror.

The men took out roses. Man asks you if you don’t like roses. NV has nothing to say. He paid. The man said weird and left … NV smiled. He made Ishani’s name column correct. Babe says why you take such a big risk when you know you are allergic to roses. He said that I am an investor. I studied at Harvard and came to India. The greater the risk, the greater the return. Ishani cried and said I didn’t deserve this. She took off her coat. She took some medicine. Babe said always remember, never lose your life.

Bito came to hug them. She asked why there was such a space between husband and wife. Babe asked her to read the magazine. Bitto said I knew a couple should give each other space. Babe said that I am the elder here, and I will deal with it. He smiled and looked at the wooden board.