The plot begins with NV thumbs up to the patient. He went to Ishani and said Ishani Navratan Singh, every time you erase it, I will write it with a bigger name. Welcome to Ishani. Rishabh said that Ishani had a magic wand and she was impressed with NV, first Sid, now NV Singh. Rahil asked him to stop and remember his place. He said Ishani was my friend and I couldn’t hear you there three years ago. Lisabeth said you were a friend of West Germany, not a friend of Ishani. The doctor asked Lisabeth to talk about Isane. Ishani goes to the Old Testament. She is wearing a surgeon’s gown. Lahir smiled and saw her coming. She was worried and thought of the fire. Everyone is waiting for Ishani to begin operation. NV asked her to move forward. Lahir asked her to come. NV hugged her and said that it can be done. You will save the patient’s life and give your courage a new life. Come on, you are the best. Philo asked Ishani to come and the patient was ready for surgery.

Rashir said yes, you can do it, come on. NV means yes … Ishani said no. She sat crying. She said I can’t do this, I’m very sorry, this is my request, don’t let me do it. NV hugged her and said to me, don’t cry, this belief is because if you, the patient is waiting for you. Lahir called her. She said I couldn’t do it, try to understand, it’s impossible. NV said to believe in itself. She runs from there. NV said Rishabh had an operation immediately. Rishab said with a smile. A patient was taken to Sanjivani with his face covered. Ishani cried and ran. Her stethoscope was stuck on the white cloth. She turned to pick up her clothes.

She didn’t see Sid. Sid was taken to the ward. That person said that I was going to give his file to NV, and I think this person is lonely, and NV will now handle his fate. Ishani cried, saying that I had collapsed. She recalled Sid’s past romantic moments. FB showed Sid a ring tailored to her. She said it was surgery and you were two of me. He said the ring size was small and I would fix it, sorry it was a bit broken. She said, but our hearts are connected. He asked her to put on the ring. FB ends. Ishani said I was stupid, and when this ring was broken, … if I could understand that then it would be a good thing for me. Philo came to hug her. She said that too much happened, and you are back at Sanjivani, and God didn’t give everyone a second chance, just like you get, like Jessica got, she gets good Is a warrior like you.

Ishani said I didn’t have the courage to fight. Philo said to give NV a chance, he wants to be your courage, Sid is your past, NV is your present. Ishani said that our relationship was just talking on paper and nothing else. Philo said that even then he is still supporting you. Ishani said yes, he forced me to come to Sanghiwani for surgery, you are right. Philo says no, he knows he can be blamed to spoil you, and he still gives you the opportunity, and you have to get rid of this pain, Nevada tries to eliminate your pain from the roots, even if he has to endure your hatred. Ishani says there is no hatred. Philo said, but you don’t get along well with him, you are lucky to get a good man like him, and few people are willing to accept the disadvantages of others. She walked away. Ishani thought of NV.