The story begins with Bebe thinking that if Sid enters between them, Ishani and Ratan will escape. NV requires Ishani to own halwa, a beloved gift from Bebe. Ishani sat down. Bebe asked Philo not to let Ishani appear in front of Sid. Philo said Nevada had transferred the West German case to Ishani. Babe said I have an idea. Nevada acquires Halva. Khamoshiyan … plays … he likes to eat halwa and likes it. Ishani remained silent.

Bebe asks Philo not to worry, she won’t go anywhere for her job, and Sid will be discharged. She said I was Ratan’s boss and supported me, and that was the only way out. Ishani also eats halwa. NV smiles. Babe said that we must do this before Ishani and Ratan meet Sid, don’t worry, I will give Sid a good treatment, and I will pray for him in Gurudwara, which involves three lives. Philo said that we must be identified as Ishani because she is working on the case. Philo came to Ishani. Beibei signed her. Ishani asks if all tests have been completed. Babe said yes, as long as you sign here, you trust me. Ishani signed the document.

Bebe and Philo put Sid on a stretcher. They saw NV and were worried. NV says you are still here. Philo hid his wife in the morgue. Babe said I’m looking at your hospital, it’s fine. He continued talking. Philo took the bodies of other patients. The ward boy put Sid on John’s feet. Philo asked the ward boy to transfer the patient to another hospital. Thank you, babe. Ishani came to the ward, thinking about where the patient had gone. She didn’t see Sid. Sid lies in the coffin. Ishani asked the nurse. The nurse said the patient was with Philo. The doctor said that the patient you transferred here is dead. NV says you misunderstood the signature of the file. The doctor said Ishani Singh. He went to Ishani and asked her what she thought, what she would do, and how she would transfer the patient. She asks what you mean.

He scolded her. She said I did nothing. He said the patient was in a coma, and doctors said the patient had died since 48 hours. He called the ward boy and asked if they had sent bodies from the morgue. The boy in the ward said yes, John’s body was unclaimed, so we sent him to the cemetery. Nevada says this means that John was taken to the city hospital and the patient was taken to the cemetery. Do you know the meaning of this error, just pray that a living person is not buried, otherwise the murder will be on your head. Sid was buried. NV dragged Ishani. They leave the car.

How she wanted to explain him, I was looking for the patient. He asked her to pray. They reached the cemetery in search of John’s grave. Ishani told him to go out. He said the soil looked very wet, and we would check it here, hoping that the patients were alive here. They dug the grave and took out the coffin. He prayed. He asked Ishani to do this, it was about someone’s life and death. She passed a pole. He opened the coffin. Ishani was shocked to see Sid. NV checks the patient’s pulse. She said Dr. West Germany … NV was shocked and asked Dr. Sid … Our doctor at Sanjivani, your … she nodded. He said Dr. Siddhant Mathur. He saw John’s tag fixed on his feet. He said he was patient 4 of Sanjivani, he was not John, he was Dr. Sid, his pulse stopped and he was at work. He ran for help. Ishani recalled Sid.