The plot begins when NV asks Ishani for help. She thought of Sid crying. NV said Sanjivani won’t let you die, hurry up. He beat Sid’s heart. Sid moves. NV asked for an ambulance. Ishani fainted. He hugs her. Sid was taken to the hospital where NV raised Ishani and got her. Everyone was shocked to see Sid. Lahir asked him what was wrong. They saw NV and asked Sid. NV said that we will talk later and take the patient to the emergency room. Rahil took over Sid. Philo was worried and called the hospital. Ishani was treated. NV sees Ishani and Sid being treated. Rahil said he did not know his status and when he came from the United States. Lahir went to Ishani.

Rishabh thinks Sid you are always late and you will not get rid of me. They heard the ward boy talking about NV stealing Sid from the cemetery. Rishabh believes it was her prejudice that Nevada transferred the Sid case to Ishani. Rahil said Nevada (SV) had saved Sid, and Ishani was the reason for its state. Nevada (NV) said, how can I think patients don’t. 4 is Sid. I handed the case to Ishani. How he arrived at the cemetery was Ishani’s carelessness. Rahil said that why Ishani did this, she couldn’t be so careless and didn’t do it. Rishabh thinks I don’t think it should be a charity case. Ishani can accompany Sid’s life, and I will not let her accompany my career. he goes. Nevada believes that Ishani cannot play with anyone and I must find some misunderstandings. Lahir treats Sid. Ishani and Sid breathe at the same time. Ishani recalled Sid. Rahil and NV looked at them.

Ishani called Dr. Sid up. NV says Ishani … She saw Sid beside. She cried and remembered his words. Rahil asks Sid how to get into this state and gives the answer. Ishani recalled. He asked her to speak up. She ran away. NV says stop, you need treatment. He saw the medical committee group. The man said that we have filed a complaint with you for medical negligence and you have heard of a patient morgue. NV introduces itself. The man asked if this had happened and we had to cancel her medical permit. NV asked who filed this complaint. Lisaber said I did. NV asked why, you know how this happened. Lisabeth said, I know that due to Ishani’s carelessness, West Germany’s life is in danger. West Germany is a talented doctor. He is my old colleague. Ishani is responsible for his state.

Lahir stopped him. Lisabeth said Sid trained Ishani and she gave him nothing in return. Nevada said that Sid was lethargic and we were transferring him. It was a mistake because he was in a coma and he arrived at the cemetery. Ishani). The man said that if the patient was Ishani, it was her fault. Rishabh demanded that he punish Ishani to prevent her from avoiding responsibility. Lahir says you did something wrong. Lisaber said IU was telling the truth. The man said our decision was final and we had to cancel her medical permit. NV said no, Ishani signed the form, but I approved the transfer and I want to apologize to the board. Lahir said he was going to blame himself. Lisaber said West Germany was dying, and Nevada was ready to die here. NV asked the board. He said, I promise, we will heal Sid as soon as possible, which is my promise. The man said, OK, this time we will take no action. NV thanks them. The man left. Rishab said different rules to everyone, right.

NV said if Ishani made a mistake, then I would understand. Here comes Babe and Philo. Babe said no, it was not Ishani’s fault. She was innocent. I knew who did it, and I did it. Lisabeth said Ishani was lucky and the whole family loved her. Philo said that when I saw Sid, I was worried about Ishani, and I signed the Ishani logo on the transfer form. NV says you misled Ishani and you know the consequences. I told her that Babe said she didn’t listen to me. He said it was a hospital. I don’t like any interference at work. Babe said you punished me. Ishani goes. Rishabh mocked NV for running its own strategy. He said Philo cheated and decided to move Sid. Philo accepted her mistake. He said you did it on purpose. Philo said that I took Aishani as my daughter and I thought of her emotions.

Rahil said her personal life is affecting our professional lives, and Sid is a patient and we must treat him. Elizabeth laughed at Philo. NV asked him to learn to speak. he goes. Babe went to Ishani and said, “I want you to get rid of this pain, and I regret that your pain has come out.” Lisaber scolded Eshani. He said that you would assist me with Sid’s operation. She refused to treat Sid.