The plot begins when Soumya makes a Heer locket pendant with an HS pendant and tells her that Harman and Gulabo will stay with her forever. Hull said, if you go like that, then I won’t let you go. Rohan and Suham hug her. Hull hugs her too. Preeto asks Soumya not to touch the feet of someone who is not even blessed. Soumya folded her hands in front of all the elders. She embraces faith. She came to Maninder and hugged him. Then she hugs Babe. Bebe wishes her happiness. Preeto approached her, saying that the reason I lived was Heer and promised to name her life. She said I promised that nothing would happen unless I was alive. Soumya asked her to guarantee that Rohan and Soham would be raised. She said you would never let Rohan miss his family and asked her to give him Nani’s house. Preeto nodded. Soumya asks her not to make Soham feel that she is the son of Choti and Varun. She said you would raise him as if he were a child of Soumya and harman. Preeto promised them to grow as she wanted, and said they were all children of this house. She hugged her and cried. Heer came to Soumya and asked her to reconsider whether she needed work. Rohan and Suham came to her. Soumya asked them to smile.

Soumya sat in the car and left. She imagined Harman beckoning to her and then wept. Tu Hi mera Khuda plays … cry. Preeto said that your Gulabo was making a sacrifice to stand on her feet and asked her to be educated and stand on her feet, so she was happy when Soumya returned Meet her. They all went in. Shannon called Warren and told Sumerian that he was so angry that he would not even ignite the dead. She said Soumya walked from here with all the blessings. She fanned him against Soumya. Varun asked her to say where she left. Mahi walked into the room and asked Preeto why she kicked a relative and threw another relative. She asked, do you think Papa ji is happy to see something in the house? Preeto took her hand and took her to Harak Singh. She said Mahi wanted Heer to be kicked out of the house. Harak Singh said Heer was our eldest daughter and said he didn’t want Heer to go out. Mahi asks what happened to your dad. Harak Singh said that I hate Heer less than I love Preeto. He asked her to be happy to see the others. Preeto asked her to smile in all cases and asked her to see who was outside.

The neighbor came there and invited them to join her daughter, Sanjay. Heer was happy and told her she would be ready. Harak Singh asked Preeto to stop her, saying that Sanjit and marital function were not for her. Hull came down and hugged her clothes. Preeto tells us that Gulabo has just left, which is why we do not leave. Heer insisted on leaving. Harak Singh shouted at her and said he would slap her. Hull went to her room and cried. Preeto was about to leave, but he stopped her. Varun planned the Soumya accident. Heer is called Soumya. Soumya is about to answer the call. A truck approached her car from the opposite direction. Varun was a sign of prosperity ….. With the Heer crash, she thought she would tell Soumya to return. Shanno came over there and asked her to go to the Sanguet party. She told her that she would use Rajkumar in her functions. She was ready to take her out in secret. Heer participated in the sangeet show and told her that even if she wanted to dance. She said she would get rajkumar like Shanno dadi said. She started dancing. Soham told Harak Singh Heer was not at home. Sindhu said she must have gone to sangeet. Harak Singh asked Preeto to take her.

After 16 years of leaps:

Heer grows into a beautiful girl and dances with her friend’s bisexuality. Preeto came there. Heer stood dupatta, scared. Preeto took out dupatta and looked at her in anger.