The plot begins with Preeto scolding Heer for dancing in Sangeet. She wants her to come. Heer said that Laad se, pyaar se and bahut pyaar se have three ways to talk to Heer. She said she would get married soon when someone danced in someone’s trio. She said that if I dance here, they will dance in my marriage. Preeto says this is the age you want to learn, not the age of marriage. Heer asked her friend to keep her mehendi and said she would return. Preeto said I would notify Rohan and Soham.

She called Soum and said something. A friend of Soham tried to talk to him, but he asked him to stop. He attended Preeto’s call and said we would be there. Soam came to the library and called Rohan. Luo Han signed him not to shout, and said that it was the library. Suham said Daddy called him. Heer asks Preeto why she did this, tells you that you didn’t give me a cell phone, and tells her she lives the same life as before. She said she wanted to get married, which was her dream since she was a child. Preeto said you wouldn’t do that. Hull said, even if you are married and settled. Preeto says you won’t do what I do. She demanded that she be educated and stand up. Rohan and Soum got there. Hull said I would complain to the bodyguards / brothers. She told them if Harak Singh broke his legs and became angry. Soham says you will be punished for lying and coming. He tied the cloth to her mouth. Lohan asked him to take it off and politely scolded her. He asked Preeto to take her in. Heer asks what kind of brother you are … you asked me to go with Preeto who likes stones. They stopped Preeto from grabbing her and holding her hand. Shakti’s singing is playing … They lifted her up and brought her into the room. Heer saw the stick stay there. She asked Raavi and Sindhu if it was necessary to stay there. Harak Singh came over and said that your tongue and thoughts need to be corrected. He held the stick, we didn’t defeat our daughter in Kuantan, but I left dancing and stubborn, and then remembered that I would break your foot. He let her look into his eyes and said. He said that you are the eldest daughter of a tiger, as is a tigress. He invited her out. Mahi came there to mock Heer. Hull said, now you scold me too. Harak singh said that if she went out again, I would not leave anyone. Then he stopped Soum.

Shannon said that Bhai Saheb did not know that whenever Heer had a chance, she would run and told herself that she had put a lot of effort into making her rebellious movement. Harak Singh told Soham that he trusted him and said that as long as Heer didn’t follow the rules, it was his failure. Heer came to the room, remembering Soumya holding the HS pendant. Tu hi mera khuda plays … She looks at Soumya’s picture and says no one can save me from Dadu’s accusations. She said that you once said that you would call me every day and wait for me to meet at each festival, but you have neither come nor video call. Rohan heard her voice and said we didn’t think we would lose you, and let Heer accompany us. Hull said I miss you and asked her to come back. Shanno called her there. She asked Heer what was she doing there? She asked you how to dance? Hull said she lit the fire today with an amazing dance show. Shannon said that my daughter would not let anyone turn a blind eye. Hull said that only you support me. Shannon thinks Harak Singh laughs after scolding you and asks Preto if he is doing well. Hull asked Dadu to scold me. Shannon promised.

Preeto came to Harak Singh and hugged him. He said Heer had the same style as Harman and told us that we had been running behind him in the past and he couldn’t be caught. Preeto’s eyes were tears. Harak Singh said we must take care of her until we are alive. Preeto nodded. Heer came there and asked who he wanted to save. She asked them to save themselves from the cold first, saying that she didn’t like the romantic idea. She covered Harak Singh with a shawl and asked Preeto to enter the house and wear a sweater. Preeto hugs her, asks why you bother me, and then does something sweet that makes me feel inner gui. Hull said she was so charming. Preto said I took your Dadu. Hull said that it looks like your romantic conversation is not over yet, and ask them to continue. She asked them to take care and go in. Preeto said that this is our Heer, and she is worried for everyone. She said she was as stubborn as Haman and liked Suma. She wanted Heer’s smile to remain the same.

Soham, Rohan and Heer took the jeep to the university. The boys waved at Heer. Heer waved to that guy. Sueham got angry and stopped the jeep. Heer thought siyappa had happened, so she had no friends in college.