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Review Serial Shakti 30th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Read Telly update of Indian Drama Serial Shakti 30.03.2020 online.

The Episode starts with Harak Singh shooting at other side of Virat and tells him that next time, the bullet will be on forehead. He says be thankful to me, I know how it feels to lose young son and asks him to tell Sant Baksh that she has left his young son’s life. Heer asks them to open the door and asks why did you shoot? And on whom. Shanno comes to the room and says Bhai Saheb has fired the bullet to scare Virat, don’t worry. You know well how is he? Heer says I just want to check Virat once. Shanno says you know Virat well, he will not go without you, he is a real lover. Heer says if Harak Singh shoots Virat. Shanno laughs and says Virat will not get scared as he loves her. She says if you come out from here, then Virat will be in danger. Virat asks Harak singh to return his love to him else loads all the gun and shoot at him at once. The neighbor asks him to go. Virat says this is my junoon and I will not go without my Heer. Harak Singh says nobody shall give him food. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat sits on the bench outside Harak Singh’s house. Heer says if anything happens to him. Shanno says I will go out and tell you just as I get the chance about what is happening outside. Heer says ok. Shanno goes out. Virat sits on the bench. Tu hi mera khuda plays……

Sant Baksh looks at the chair and recalls Virat sayings. He thinks you have misunderstood your dad. Daljeet comes there and tells him that Virat is sitting infront of Harak Singh’s house and they are beating him. Sant Baksh asks did I ask you. He says I don’t want to know anything about him, but he shall not leave Gurdaspur. He says I want to see him wandering in Gurdaspur with my eyes. Dadu packs his stuff and comes down. Sant Baksh asks what is this new act of yours. Dadu says this is old drama, you wanted me to go to old age home, I am going there. He says I can’t stay here. Daljeet says you are not going anywhere, I know you will go and meet Virat. Dadu says your understanding is little. He says if I would be going to him then would have said that openly, but now he needs to identify himself. He taunts them and says I am going to the old age home. Gurwinder asks Dadu not to go. Sant Baksh asks her to let him go. Dadu asks if you want to stop me even now. He blesses her and leaves.

Shakti 30th March 2020 Written Episode Update


Parmeet asks Daljeet what he came to know about Virat and asks him to say. Virat thinks of Heer. Heer thinks she can’t go out of the window due to the rods. She sees Virat and is about to call him, when she sees two men coming there. Virat hides. The men/Sant Baksh’s men sit on the chair there. Virat sits on the ground. Heer waves him, but he don’t see her. She thinks if she calls him then the men might see him. She puts water from her window on him. Virat sees her and gets up. She asks if you want to drink tea? He nods yes. She pours water and he drinks it. He smiles. Music plays…..He climbs up to the window and looks at Heer emotionally.

Tera Ishq hai plays…..Heer tries to make him have food. He refuses and makes her have it first. She then makes him have the food. Song continues to play. She wipes his tears. He wipes her tears. He says we tried to get each other, but couldn’t do. He says may be someone’s blessing will work and shows the black thread on his hand. He takes it off from his hand and ties half thread to her hand. Heer asks him to wait there and goes to get something. She brings her chain and asks her to sell it and have food. He says I can’t take it as our relations are of breath. Heer says why? You keep it and asks him to take it. Just then Preeto comes there and separate their hands. Virat falls down from there. Preeto looks at angrily.

Precap: Heer keeps karwachauth fast for him. Shanno informs him. Virat also keeps fast for her.

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