Review Serial Vidya 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

The episode begins when Vivek’s mom deletes the phone line. She saw Vivek and said I realized my fault and I would apologize to Vidya in the morning. Can you take me to the temple? He said Vidya’s exam was there. She said fine, I’ll go alone. He said we would leave early and come back, and then I would take Vidya’s exam. Don’t be frustrated with Vidya, she is working hard to fulfill her promise. She said I have seen it, she is working hard, and I believe the result will be positive. In the morning, Vidya woke up and prayed. She sees time. She was taken aback and said it was 10 am and my exam was 11 am, but I kept the alarm clock at 8 am. She is anxious.

Vivek is on the way. His mother smiled and saw the time. He called home. He said the phone was not connected. Vidya looks for Vivek and his mom. She said maybe they were both out and I will prepare as soon as possible. He said that I didn’t know how the petrol passed. Yesterday I filled the fuel tank and went nothing. Vivek’s mother recalled leaks through damaged gas tanks. Vivek continues to work hard and says I must reach Vidya as soon as possible, there is no taxi stand. Vidya checks the phone. She saw the wires unplugged. She said Vivek and his mother didn’t wake me up, I have to go now. Vivek works hard to improve itself. Avtaar took home from the hospital. Maha takes care of him. Dharma and Babul looked. Mahek comes with a bouquet of Avtaar. Dharma said that something happened between them. Mahek and Aftal were getting married soon. We didn’t get any benefit. Nanku also left. He once gave us money.

Mahek said it was for you. Avtaar asked what it was. She said it was called flower. Avtaar asked Bablu to accept it. Mahek says it’s ghee, it’s for good health. Avtaar asked Maa to take ghee. He said I had given this to her, so she had to return it to me and make something delicious and I was hungry. Mahek said I would come to learn cooking and I would eat delicious food. Dharma wants her to live, Dharma. Dharma and Babulu leave. Maa asks Mahek to talk to Avtaar, who will cook some food and teach cooking another day. Mahek asks if you talk to Vidya. Avtaar said no, she would take the exam and I would call Vivek. Vidia wants to rent a taxi. She stopped taxi rental. He recalled Vivek’s mother showing Vidya’s picture and asked him not to let Vidya arrive at the address on time. She counted on his favor and asked him to return it. He thanked her for taking a taxi for him. FB ends.

Vidya is tax free. Vivek says how to learn about Vidya. Vidya asked the man to drive quickly. Vidya wears a watch and sends a signal to Vivek. Vivek’s watch remains at home. Vivek thinks I forgot my digital watch at home. The driver lied and took her from another route. Exam begins. Vivek and his mother are on their way. Vidya said that you have been driving for a long time, this is the correct route, the parked car, I will ask for directions. He quarreled with her and asked her to leave. She asked someone for the address. He said the address was far away. She asked why the taxi driver brought me here. He said that maybe he lied to you and if you take a taxi you will need 30 minutes to get there. Seeing the time, she ran to a taxi.

Vivek’s mother is tired. She stopped him and said I couldn’t walk. Vivek let her sit. He went to drink her water. She talked to the taxi driver. He said Vidya would take a lot of time to reach the address. Vivek fetches water for her. He called the landline again. Vivek works hard to improve itself. Vivek’s mother thought that Vidya was unable to take the exam and failed, so their commitment and relationship would be broken. Vidya cried.

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