The plot begins with Vivek scolding Vidya to change the education system and its rules. She said that before Tripathi objected, you supported me and my intention was still the same. He said you can’t always do this. The lady said that Vidya just made children remember it well. Vivek says they will forget everything. Vidya said they will not forget. Vivek said that we will now be tested. He asked Canny to answer him. Canny was wrong. He asked Vidya that she got the answer. Kanni saw the birds flying. She sings like Vidya. Vivek kept watching. Vidya smiled. Vivek went.

Dharma poured oil on the stairs. Dharma and Babulu deceived Maa and asked her to go downstairs. Ma Ah fell off the stairs and passed out. Dharma smile. The man came to Vidya and asked her to hurry over. Parvati fell off the stairs and was injured. Vidya rushed home. She asked what happened to Amagi. The doctor said that she had injured her head. She consciously gave her medicine and took her to a large hospital for a CT scan. Vidya thinks how I will manage my work and Amma ji. She wants to call Bablo. Dharma disconnects the call and turns off the phone. Vidya called again.

She called Avtaar. She said everyone’s phone was off, and I had to take my child to school. She asked the lady to stay in Maa. The ladies said that we work from home and we need to go. She called Vivek and then hung up. Vivek checks the phone. Nanku praised Dharma for hurting Parvati for the purpose. Dharma says that I just love myself, I think you will be with me, Avtaar will not help Vidya here, she is taking care of her Saas at home, now she does Will teach children.

Nanku threw money. Dharma and Bablo caught the money. Nanku asked them to see Vidya and inform him in time. The children are waiting for Vidya. Vivek goes home and talks to Anand by phone. He asked Dayanan for a glass of water. He was surprised to see his mother. He said I miss you. She said that I miss you too, I’m sorry to leave in a hurry, now I won’t go anything, how about Vidya. He remembered Vidya. She asks what happened, which is good for you to save Vidya from marriage errors. Vivek recalls.

Maa asked what happened, and you said nothing. He is lying on her lap. He said you are very important to me. She asked Vidya a lot more, telling me what you did in the matter, you can’t communicate your feelings to Vidya, and I will lead this alliance. He remembered Vidya again. Dil mera chal pada… ..drama…

The Dharma is called Vivik. He said that I am your kind person and Vidya rests at home instead of teaching children. Vivek was shocked.