The plot begins when Ranjana comes to see Nanku. Nanku scolded her and said that I didn’t want to see you, but just walked from here. Vivek goes home and scolds Vidya for skipping lessons. He asks why you always listen to my anger because it is because you are wrong. She said because I love you. He looked at her. He asks what you say. She said you don’t need to worry. I know you are angry with me. On the day you forgive me, I will ask you what my relative’s name is. He asked her to teach the children, and he would take care of her Amma ji. She gave a medical prescription and smiled. She said, I will be back in three hours, thank you. Dil lag jaye … play … he is happy. Vidya teaches students.

Vidya saw a man sitting in her class, sitting far away. She went to Kaka and gave him a book. She asked him to learn, not to be shy, he should always learn, they can learn all life, without the age of education. He thanked her. He works from Vidya’s home. Vidya teaches children.

Vidya continued to teach. She asked Canny what happened. She went to help. Vivek remembered her words. Vivek’s mother is here. She asked Vivek what you are doing here. Vivek said that Parvati was not good. I sent Vidya to teach the children. There was no one at home, so I was here, and we couldn’t leave her alone. She said that I would sit with her. Dharma and Babul saw Vivek’s car. They went home to see Vivek. Babulu said that Vidia would attend school at that time. Dharma says Nanku will not spare us. They behave like begging. Nanku scolds Jagat. He asked Bablu what happened, and Vidya and Vivek were together again. Dharma said that I don’t know when they sort out the problem. Nanku said that love these days is like electricity, coming and going. He was disturbed by Jagat and scolded him. Dharma smile.

Nanku asked when the exam would be and told me. Vidya went home and saw Vivek’s mother. She greeted her. Vivek’s mother told her not to worry about Parvati and to teach her children well. Vivek said Vidya is here, we are going now. Maha became sober. She said I slipped down the stairs. Vidya and Maa ask Vivek’s mother to drink tea. Vivek’s mother agreed. Vivek said he didn’t know what happened to me, why can’t I tell Vidya the truth, mom, what happened to me. Vidya drinks tea for him. He puts tea. Her hand was burned. He takes care of her. She looked at him.