The plot starts with Vidya and provides the children with test papers. She asked them to stay calm and answer questions carefully. She asked the children not to cheat. Canny thought of the fire and cried. She said that when I tried to focus, I saw fire around me, what should I do. Vidya hugs her. The children said that we don’t remember anything and we will fail. Vidya asks them not to worry, everything will be fine. The examiner asked them why they didn’t write. The children were already late. Vidya said they were scared and how could they take the exam. Here comes Vivek and Avtaar.

The teacher said that all children were doing the same thing. Vidya asked them to call all the children outside. She asked the children to hold hands and close their eyes. She asked them to chant for her. She praises Om bhoor … the children also praise. She asked them to open their eyes. She said that now everyone is going to take the exam calmly, and you have all come here, proving that you are brave, you can win, no one will lose or not be afraid, and you won and show me, this is not only for you but me , I will test with you.

She said that if we passed, all of us would eat sweets, if we lost, we would eat peppers, and I would eat peppers alone, and in class, I wish you good luck. Children go. Vidya smiled. She held the paper and sat writing the exam. Avtaar was angry with Vivek. The children gave the examination papers to the teacher. The examiner said that everyone came here to take the test, and the children came and set a good example for us. It is time to tell them the results. I asked Vivek to read the results. Vivek will see the resulting file. He was surprised. Everyone is waiting to know. Vivek said that our school is ranked seventh in the state and that all children at the school passed the exam. Everyone laughed.

Children are happy and jumping. They all embraced Vidia. The examiner said that one student answered all the questions correctly and won the first place, and that was your teacher Vidya. Children applaud. The examiner said that I want to check your essay and give them a score. These days there are many fake teachers, which is good for the future of the school. Talented teachers are here. Vivek checks Vidya’s files. He was shocked. Examiners say education in the state will be balanced. Canny said Vidia also received four stars. Vidya and Avtaar smile. Vidya saw Vivek. he is gone. He returned. He remembered Vidya. His mother asked if everything is OK now, I heard the fire in the village.

Vivek said to leave me alone. She said that I am your mother and I must understand your heart. I ca n’t see you like this. It ’s about Vidya. She rejected your love. If you do n’t say it, the problem will never go away. . He asks what you want to know, I love Vidya Singh. She said it was good and we will go and chat with Vidya’s family. He said I couldn’t speak, and Vidya Singh deceived me. She asked what cheating, and I couldn’t believe it, she lived for everyone’s happiness, I will end this misunderstanding and pain, and I will talk to them. He said, but the pain came after I learned her truth. She asked what the truth was. He said Vidya Singh was illiterate. She was shocked.