The plot begins with Vivek saying I made you the principal of the school to punish you, but you surprised me that all the children passed, maybe you have a reason to do so, I understand that everything is fine and we will talk to mom Convince her that she doesn’t need it now, and you don’t trust me. When you learn that I am an illiterate, you already hate me, and love will not change for a second. He stopped her and said that I was not the Lord, I was human and made a mistake. She said your mother needs you, you should be with her, we shouldn’t meet now. She asked him not to increase trouble. He said that my happiness is only with you, and I cannot forget you, and I cannot share your place with anyone. She cried and left. Vivek’s mother looked. He said you want to leave my life and go, I will not let you leave me.

Nangu called a lawyer and he got some documents and burned. He smiled and recalled threatening someone. He told Jagat his plan. He thought Vivek would not be able to stop me from getting out of prison. Vidya cried and thought of Vivek. He thought of her and hit the punching bag. Maa came to the console Vidya. She said my love failed, why is my fate so. Vivek’s mother said that this love will become a problem for you, and in the future you will be ashamed of this love, and you will start to see the flaws of this love. He said my love was not weak. She asks you to go crazy and not see it, Vidia is smarter than you. Vidya said I was stupid and didn’t see the difference between Vivek and me. I assured Vivek’s mother that we would never meet, and I wish I had told the truth to Vivek before. She said I can’t forget Vivek. Vivek’s mother wants him to forget Vidya.

Vivek said that Vidya and I will solve all the problems, and you worry that she will not be literate and she will study and get a degree. She said you know it takes time. He said she would do it, she would do it. She said if she refused, why would you ruin her life for her. She said it was difficult, but after Dad left, you fell down alone, and you raised me alone, if you could, why Vidya couldn’t do it. She said that because Vidya was not educated, I was educated. He said very well, and then I will teach Vidya and give her a degree, you believe in my rights. Maha said, I believe in you, don’t break trust, be strong, I have prepared a phone call for you in Babul, you must learn and teach the children. Vidia says you are right, I will learn and teach my children. She goes to school. Vivek’s mother said you can’t teach her. Vivek said that you gave me the name Vivek and I will bring knowledge to Vidya and make her competent so that you will not feel ashamed.