Review Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

The plot begins with a man making fun of Prisha and asking her to dance. She asked them to leave her. She called Rudraksh. She pushed the man. Rudraksh continued to look forward. Another man stopped her. The man asks who this girl is, does she not know me, I am taking this girl now. He asked Prisha to go with him, how dare she push him. Prisha asks Rudraksh to save her. Radkash sat drinking. The men sent her to the room. She asked them to stay away. She beat the man and tried to escape. She shouted for help. Rudraksh came to beat the man. The man asks who you are. Rudraksh said, leave her alone, leave her alone. To me, she is not alone, to you, who she is, the problem is you should respect a girl, not a price. He reached out to Prisha. She took his hand. They defeated the man. Rudraksh took her there. They are on the way. He said that you were confused because I took you there and saved you, the existence you deserve, and I saved you for Saransh’s sake, he is Rajeev’s son. She said, shut up, I’m right, you did something wrong.

He said you had the guts to call me wrong. She said that I am forgiving you for Saransh, you have become his happiness, otherwise I will give you an answer, we are together just for Saransh’s sake. Saran was waiting for them. He called Rudraksh and Prisha on Balraj’s phone.

Ballary scolded Saransh. He pulled his cheek. Saran screamed. Niketan asked you what you were doing. He was just a kid and you hurt him a lot. He asked Ballaj to explain the child with love. Rudraksh and Prisha go home. Saran wept and hugged Prisa. She asked what happened and why did you cry. Saran asks why you left me here alone. Rudraksh asked what happened. Pristina asked if anyone said anything, and what mark it had on her cheek. Niketan said, Barraraj, you should apologize to the boy. Balraj said, I don’t talk to the children, I have to punish them, he doesn’t suffer much. Rudraksh greets Niketan. He said I surprised Yanana and Mishka and they would be happy. He introduced Secretary Natasha. Balraj said Niketan, your room is fixed and always ready. Niketan said thank you, sorry to know Rajeev, do you know who did it. Balraj said we don’t like talking about it. Radrachesh said I would punish the perpetrators. Niketan said that I am also your culprit. I did not come to Mishka to marry you, but I will pay for it. When you want me to leave, I will go, who is this lovely lady. Rudraksh said she was Prisha. Saransh said she was my mother, her marriage … Balraj asked him not to speak between the two. Rudraksh asked him not to scold him. Niketan is glad to meet you. I am the father of Niketan Singhania, Ahana and Mishka, and Rudraksh’s father-in-law. Saran greeted him, calling me Dadu, and Balraj and I were the same. Prisha takes over Saransh Balraj and says Niketan, you should rest now. Niketan went.

Rudraksh asked why you and Saransh behaved so well and why you defeated him. Balraj said that you want to argue with me for him, come with me and I will give you the answer. He was startled by Rudraksh. Rudraksh recalled how Ballaj defeated him in his childhood. Balraj said, remember that I am your father. You do n’t teach me how to be a person. Think about how you are with Niketan. If he does n’t know he ’s not married to Mishka, he Will come here, but Prish, you know what will happen, he will recoup his investment and we will move on and find a solution, otherwise I won’t forgive you. he goes.

Prisha is in charge of Saransh. She believes that if Niketan knew the truth, what would happen. She said sorry, I’m late. Saran asked why Barraghi was like this. Most of the new ones saved me. He told me very well. She said please stay away from him. Rudraksh came to talk to Saransh. Saransh demanded that Rudraksh and Prisha be friends and never fight. Rudraksh said that we are together just for you. Prisha says we will remember this. They said friends … Saransh said we were going to the party. Prisha said I would see it. Rudraksh said I would see it. he goes. Saran gets ice cream. He said we are going to party now. Rudraksh said that I am a singer and I will not hurt my throat. Saransh said that Mumma eats only one bucket of ice cream at a time and we will play in the competition, while Rudraksh is the loser. Rudraksh agreed to compete.

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