Review Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus

The plot begins when Rudraksh and Prisha face the challenge of ice cream. They tried to complete a whole bucket of ice cream. Saransh said you two are winners. Prisma let him sleep. Saranshi said I was going to sleep here. Rudraksh asked her to sleep here too, well, sleep well, I don’t like getting out of bed, I want to sleep on the sofa. Saran asks if you can sleep on the sofa? Rudraksh asked me what options I had. He sleeps. Saransh and Prisha turned on AC power and went to sleep.

Rudraksh felt cold. He woke up and saw the AC power turned on. He said that who kept the temperature at 16 wouldn’t have air conditioners in Prisha’s house. They fed me ice cream first, and now it freezes me. He is looking for an AC remote. Pristina woke up and asked what happened. You came from a rich family and you felt cold. He said no, I was thinking about you two. He left and felt cold again. He said you stole my blanket and slept well, and I would sleep here too. He was also covered. Prisha asks what happened and if you feel cold. He said no, I came to my phone. She said you can sleep here if you want, we are from poor families, but we can do charity. He asked you if you would like to do charity in my house. He went to the sofa and covered himself with a cushion. He said that if it wasn’t Rajev’s last wish, I would throw them outside. He opened the door. She asked what happened and if you felt cold. He said yes, you took my room, bed and blanket and kept it. he goes. She smiled. Saransh wakes up and asks if you changed the temperature. She said no, let’s sleep.

In the morning Prish went to the bathroom. Leaking faucet. Saransh asked what happened and I will call Rudra. She asked him to get something to work it out. He got a dumbbell. She said it didn’t help. He got Rudra’s panties. Prisha asks why you got this. Saransh said I had to go to the bathroom. he goes. She tried to fix the faucet with briefs. Rudra is here, asking what you are doing with my underwear, moving, I will fix it. He went to get a wrench. She said I could fix it and take your underwear. She tried to repair the faucet. He asked her to fix it and show it. She gave him the wrench. Pyaar ka yeeh bandhan… .. drama…. They argue. She said you fixed it for me. He said I fixed it. She said thank you for your help. he goes.

Niketan came to Ahana and Mishka. He said surprised …. Ahana woke up and said to dad, you are here, what are you doing here. Mishka woke up. He also said to you in surprise. Mishka asked if it was true of you. He said you didn’t hug me. Mishka hugs him. Ahana said, you won’t be surprised, sorry. She hugs him. He said it was my fault and I know that to correct it, this diamond necklace is for you. Ahana said fine, thanks. He showed the necklace to Mishka. He said sorry, I was too busy to participate in your marriage. I thought Rajeev would take over this business. Sorry, even then I would not be able to come. Rudraksh is now my son-in-law, He will handle business.

Ahana asks when you came and who knew you. He said Rudraksh, Barraj, Prisha and Saransh met me in the evening. Ahana thought they didn’t tell the truth to my dad, and now my dad will throw Prisha and her son away. Sarah said, wow, mom fixed the tap, she was so strong, Superwoman. Rudraksh continued to look forward. Prisha said don’t worry, I’ll tell him. She got his news. He wrote … You do n’t have to tell the truth when you have to, you do n’t have to tell the truth to Sadlansh and you are sad. You tell him that the child does n’t need a father. He tells me that you broke Rajeev ’s heart and killed him, At least make Saransh happy. She asked what it was and why she was sending a message and couldn’t speak. Rudraksh signed no. She asked him to speak up. He couldn’t speak. She asks what happened to your voice. He texted …. You guys both fed me ice cream and let me sleep in AC, thank you for my voice disappeared, and my voice disappeared. Prisha smiled. Ahana and Mishka cried. Niketan asked what happened. They say that you are not with us when we need us. He asked what happened and told me. Ahana said Rudraksh is not your daughter, he did not marry Mishka. Mishka said he was married to Prisha.

Ahana said Prisha was the killer of Rajeev. He was shocked. Ahana said Rudraksh married her in jail, poor Mishka joined the mandap, an impending round, and Prisha stopped marriage. Mishka said Prishya was here, and it hurt me. I wanted to kill myself. Ahana said no, Dad was not with us. Mishka said, look at what Dad is doing now. He asked Rudraksh what to do. I asked him about Prish. He didn’t tell me anything, and Barraj didn’t tell. Ahana said they are only upset for business, not our values ​​and feelings. Mishka said they were still insulting us and Rudra accepted Prisha and her son. He asked the court for punishment. Ahana said Prisha was sentenced to death, but her father saved her. Mishka said that you must avenge Rajeev’s death. Ahana said that you must manage Mishka and assure me that you will not leave them. He said I would not leave them. he goes. Ahana said the game has begun.

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