The plot begins with Vasu asking Prisha to prepare. Rajeev put the toy in the car. He asked the staff to write a letter to Raman Bhalla. Rajeev said I’m coming to Saranche, and I want my son. Rudraksh called him. He asked Rajev to come. Rajeev asked him not to worry. “I worry about you,” Rudraksh said. “My thoughts are getting stranger. Rajeev said on the stage, I will finish my work and come. Rudraksh said it’s almost 12 o’clock, which is a surprise for you. Rajeev said yes. He ends the call and says I can’t tell you Rudra, and once the problem is resolved, I will tell you everything and expose him to Prisha. Ballaraj and Ahana praised Rudra after seeing the complete house. Kalra says people are going crazy, where is Rudra. Rudraksh said I was fine and the show would begin. He stepped onto the stage and sang Sadda haq … People applaud him. Rajeev imagined Saransh with him. Saransh called him father. Rajeev smiled.

Saran said I love your dad, you are the best. Rajeev said Saransh, no one can separate us now, and you will give me this medal. He got information from Yuvraj. He drove forward. Rudra said I must plan Rajeev’s birthday. Anana said you are so nice, don’t worry, Rajeev will be here for your concert. Yuvraj came to get the money. He took the money and held the bag. He said it was my lottery and I would check the money. He was shocked to see the bundled blank paper. He lost the newspaper and yelled, no … you lied to me and see what you paid for it, Rajeev, I will get Rs 1 billion from you. He kicked the bag. Here comes Rajeev. Yuvraj was shocked. Rajeev slapped him. He said I must consider your deeds. He defeated Yuvraj and counted his fraud. He said I would rob you of your name, job, false respect, and I would expose you to the world.

Rajeev scolded him. Yuvraj fights with him. Rajeev hit Yuvraghi’s head. He said I had called the police and you would be arrested, I would send you to prison and bring a lot of cases to you, and the whole world would see your drama. he goes. Yuvraghi said that my plan failed, Rajeev knew everything, he called the police, everything would be done, no, I won’t die, Rajeev would die. Yuvraj got into the car and said you wouldn’t be alive. He rammed Rajeev in a car. Rajeev jumped to the side. He was shocked and ran. Yuvraj followed. Gopal welcomes guests. The ladies said that Prisza was lucky to be rich. They are not good at Prisha. Vasu heard it. Gopal knocked on the door in Yuvraj’s room. He said where Yuvraghi went. Gopal went back. Everyone smiled when Prisha came. Vasu asks if you got Yuvraghi. Gopal said he was not in his room, he was not.