The plot begins with everyone crying for Rajeev. Bondi said, I hope Rajeev is alive. Tia comforted him. Ahana and Mishika go home drunk. Ahana said that no one would know that we were drunk and that everyone was asleep by now. She saw people and said white-themed parties. Mishika said let go. Ahana said they shouldn’t know we were drunk. Ma asks where you are. Prisha hugged Saransh and said let me talk to him once. The inspector nodded. Prisa said that no matter what happens, it is a game, we have to play, everything is fake, which shows that we are brave and strong, we must stay away, you will be with Gopal and Vasu, I will Stay here, we will win this game, I don’t lie. Sharan Hsu said that she would go home with me. I don’t want to play this nonsense game.

She said we were brave. He said we would cheat, please come over. She said we can’t cheat and there are cameras around. Yuvraj thought why it was so dramatic for someone else’s child, thank goodness, I didn’t marry her. Ahana said the phone was muted. Ma asks if you are drunk. Ahana said yes, we are celebrating Rajeev’s birthday and Barraj has a good party, but the white theme is boring and no one dies. Maa says Rajeev … Ahana says Happy Birthday Rajeev. Maa said Rajeev had an accident and he never did. Ahana and Mishika were shocked.

Ahana asked if Rajeev was dead, what was she talking about. she cried. Mishika said we will change and come. Yuvraj said Saransh is a brave kid who can play games and win. Prisha asked Saransh not to cry. Saransh asked me how to live without you, cancel this game, and go home with me. Prisha said we must win. Saranshi said I would win. Yuvraj takes over Saransh. Prisha is locked. Gopal said don’t lose your courage and tell me if you have had this accident, and Yuvraj told me I don’t believe it, so say it. Prisha said I told you already, don’t ask, go to Saransh. They cried and left. Yuvraj asked Gopal to go home and send a message. Gopal said I need to talk. Yuvraj thinks go now. Gopal asks if the accident happened to you. Yuvraj said yes, I can’t believe that Prish was so wise, but she could fight Saransh to any extent, Rajeev threatened to kill Saransh, she was angry and killed Rajeev. He hugs Gopal and asks him not to worry. He sent Gopal, Vasu and Saransh. Yuvraj said he didn’t want to believe me. If he asked Prish to tell the truth, no, my game would end, and I would add a little more love to Prish so that she would not take my name. Mishika said I know you don’t love Rajeev, but cried to show people. Rudraksh said sorry, Rajeev left us. Ahana said I know it must be difficult for you. Rajeev loves you the most and I will be fine.

The inspectors were suspended for arresting Ms. Prisa at night for violating the law. He said I violated the rules and was punished. Yuvraj asks why you blame and why. Prish said I didn’t do it for you, but for myself and Saransh, I don’t want you to be called the culprit, you love me and Saransh, Saransh so much Have your father, my parents have a son, you are with them, I know you will take care of them, I know you will set me free, I am for my family and love. He said I had committed this crime. She said you met Rajeev for our sake, and I can do it for you. He thinks she doesn’t make sense. He said I love you Prisha and kissed her. Rudraksh saw Rajeev’s hand injured and offered assistance. Ma said he was dead, there was no life in it, and he would not have any pain. Ballary cried. The police officer asked Yuvraghi to see Prisha tomorrow, and it was too late. Jufrai said I would come tomorrow. He went to laugh.