The plot begins in Gopal and Vasu, and is sad to see Saranche’s innocence. Yuvraj sings pyaar tujhe…. And laugh. He said that Prisha blame her, so much blind trust, she didn’t ask me if I love her, God is with me, so he gave Prisha to me, she didn’t do me any good, so Our marriage plan was cancelled, goodbye to your unfortunate fate. Saransh said I would do all the work myself, and mom said we must win, otherwise I would lose. Vassu said I would let you sleep. Saran said no, I slept. He said I was brave and we had to get mom back. He sleeps on the ground. Gopal and Vasu cried. Vasu said Prisha told us she had the accident. Gopal said she was lying, and when I asked her the truth, she was rubbing her nose and lying. Vasu said I remember when she was lying, she would scratch her nose. He said she was lying.

She asks why you don’t ask her. He said she wouldn’t tell us that we didn’t know anything. Rudraksh wept for Rajeev. Ballary also cried. Rudraksh recalls childhood moments. He said I was injured and why, if he was not injured. Maha comforted him and hugged. Vasu asked Saransh why he did this. Saransh heard it. Gopal said that as long as Rudraksh can help us, Prisha can go home if he wants. Vasu said he would not help us after a major accident. Gopal said yes, it was difficult, and if he helped, Prisa could come. Saransh considers Rudraksh as the referee of the game. Gopal and Vasu are gone. Saransh said Rudraksh will help me recover my mummy. He got up and left.

Rudraksh asked reporters not to delete the picture and distribute it in every newspaper because it would remind him of the death of two people, one of whom was Rajeev and the other was him. He thought my life had only one goal, Prisha, and I would take revenge on her by taking her life. Pandit asked them to bring Rajeev to the final ceremony. Rudraksh prevents Ballaj from contacting Rajeev. He said you killed him, you lied to me. Ballarai said I must do his final ritual. Rudraksh said that you did not let me go to Rajeev, you have no right to visit him and Maa would be responsible for his funeral. Maa, Rudraksh and others took the funeral to the van. They leave. Saransh came there and demanded Rudraksh. The watchman said they went to suits to work. Saransh asked the driver to quickly take him to the Ghats, where Rudraksh was. Rudraksh wept and did the final ritual.

He sat on a match stick. Saransh came there and lit the stick. Rudraksh saw him. Saran smiled. Rudraksh said, what are you doing here? Saransh said I’m helping you, don’t say thank you, stop the game, I don’t want to play. Rudraksh asked what game, Prisha … Saransh said she was in prison, took her out, and stopped the game. Radaksh scolded him. He said that Prisa had killed my brother. Bunty brought Saransh and asked who you came with. Saransh said that alone, the car driver dropped me and Gopal knew him. Bondi asks if they know you are here, so go home.

Saran asked who would stop the game, Mom … He thought Mom asked me not to tell anyone. He left without saying anything. Bondi said what game he was talking about. Rudraksh lit the woodpile and wept. He remembers Rajoff. Kaun apna … drama…. Rudaksh said I was hurt, and I promised that I would take revenge on you, and the only purpose of my life was not to keep Prisha alive. Prisha recalled Saransh and cried. Prisoners laughed on Prish. The police officer said that we must record and come on. Click on Prisha’s photo and click on its details and criminal history. Constable asked her to change clothes and whether she hid them. Prisha said no. The superintendent asked her to change out within two minutes.