The episode begins with Prisha crying and changing clothes. Maha came to Ballari. He drinks and weeps. He said I lost Rajeev. Maa said not to use these tears, Rudra was right, you took Rajeev’s life. She left and he cried. Yuvraj received a call from Gopal. He did not answer and said to continue to call. Vasu said that we would go to Yuvraj’s home for inspection. Saranz goes home. Gopal scolded him, saying that Prisha was already in prison, where did you go. Salan said, for this reason, I went to see Rudraksh, and I asked him to let go of the mummy. I heard that both of you were talking, and understood that Prisha needed his help, and I went to the car driver for help. Sierra, I told Rudraksh to help Prisha, he said he would not help, why. Gopal said he could not violate the rules of the game, maybe he did act in front of the camera and refused. Saransh asked why he was angry with the mummy and didn’t tell her.

Gopal said, I must tell her, otherwise you will go there alone and don’t do anything like this. I’m sorry, Saransh. Vasu asked him not to leave alone. Saran goes. Vasu asked how long we lied to him. Gopal said we can’t tell the truth. The police officer asked his inmates not to bother Prish. Inmates fight. Prisha asked them not to fight. The lady slapped her and grabbed her neck. Prisma said, “Let me leave here. I didn’t have the accident, and Yuvraj was the one.” Yuvraj said I did not kill Rajeev in Prisha. He woke up and shouted at Prisha. He said I had to meet Prisha and silence her with my love. Balraj wept for Rajeev and apologized to him. Rudraksh looked at him, thinking you had taken my brother, and now you will not be accompanied by anyone. Yuvraj came to see Prisha. She won’t go. He started his own emotional drama. He asks what you want, tell me.

Balraj and Rudraksh demanded that lawyers punish Prish severely. Rudela said that Prisa should be hanged until he died. He paid to a lawyer. Prisma said I’m not weak, and I will tolerate everything if you are with me. Jufrai said with a smile, you are not talking, I thought you were not happy with me, because I was wearing a prison uniform, so I was leaving. Jufrai said, you think my love will decrease, no, my love will increase, you are the most beautiful and true person, I have appealed in court, you will leave here soon, do not be afraid And I will get you released with the minimum penalty. She said I believe you. She walked away and said with a smile, turning a blind eye to my love, until you were punished in court, another day. The lawyer said that I had evidence. It was a photo of the accident scene. Rudra saw the photo and wept.

He said it was clear how cruelly she had killed Rajeev, and our case was very powerful. Rudra said I want her to die. The lawyer received a call. He said yes, send me a message. He said that your wish will be realized soon and the case trial will begin tomorrow. Rudra asked who the judge was. Lawyers said the judge was Jufrai Pillay. What Balraj asked, he would decide to support Prisha, and I would appoint a minister and change the judge. Rudra said no, I would let Yuvraj punish her, and I would give her this heart attack. Saransh came for his lunch. Vassu asked where you were going. He said school. She said that she would rest today. He asked what happened. She said fine, we will take you to school. She said Saransh showed courage and why we became weak. Yuvraj smiled and said, I will decide the fate of Prisha, and tomorrow I will get rid of her fate.