Review Serial Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

The plot begins with Laila, making the dear so uncomfortable, we are with Palfin, follow my guard, you will get her. She is gone. Oman came and said that Amy was away. She said I knew where she was. She showed to the guard. He asks where you are going. She said I would go with you. He asked in this state. She asked what status. He asked the doctor not to ask you to rest. She said yes, it was only a month and it was no big deal. He asked her to stay at home. She said it was fine. He thought why she agreed so quickly. He asks why you agree so. She said it was also a problem for you. He said no, stay at home. He thought she would really stay at home. He operates. He reached some icebergs and shouted for Parveen. He saw her and woke her. He wants her to come. She said my legs didn’t move. She asked him to leave. He asked why you said that. Carbil caught him. Roshney went and called Chandney.

She heard Chandni’s voice. She ran and said I would let you out. Using her power, Chaney left the land. She failed and shouted. Parveen tries to be free. She wept over Oman, attracted by Kabir’s magic. Oman saw Kabir. Roshni tried again, kicking Chandni out. Chandni asked if you were okay. Rosney said Laila frozen the family, please save it. Chandni said I can’t save them, you have to defeat Laila, where is Aman. Roshney said that Laila and Kabir kidnapped Amy, so Oman went to rescue her. She said it meant Kabir was with Aman, Laila did it together, and she wanted to kill them together. Oman scolds Kabir. He saw Carbill trapped on the ice. Oman was also stuck in the ice on his feet. Laila saw them smile.

She said that life separates the two of you. Now death will bring you closer. You will die together. Why worry about Carbill. You always think that I am your partner. I have used you before. Roshney’s twins, if not them, then you two are also twins. Oman said Roshney’s twins.

Kabir said that whether it was Majnu or Kabir, Laila was dead. Laila gains power from the moon. She threw weapons at them. Roshni and Chandni are somewhere in between, taking over weapons to save them. Oman and Kabir opened their eyes and saw them.

Roshni asked Aman if he couldn’t melt the fire, what would he burn with it? Roshni and Chandni rescued Aman and Kabir from the ice trap. They saw Laila go. Roshney said Laila had run away. Chandni said no, she would return to strike. Oman said you are still on strike here. Kabir said you doubt me, it hurts, and she wants to kill me, I don’t want to die. Oman and Roshney said you might have planned it. Kabir said she told her that she must sacrifice twins to become the Red Moon Queen. Chandni said he was right, she wanted to kill both of you. Roshney asked why she didn’t kill me. Oman asks you don’t understand. Roshney asked. He said something about us.

There was a storm. Chandni tried to control. Oman holds Roshney. Kabir said Ammi’s life was in danger, Aman … Oman asked her where Roshney took care and I would come. They went to see Parveen. They saw Palvin under a big ice hockey. She called Oman … Kabir stopped and looked around. Oman tried to move the puck. He called Baazigar. Baazigar could not reach him. Oman became Jean and pushed the ball away. Carbil looked. Pavan got up. Oman asks you well. Oman said yes. He called out Carbil and saw a huge puck rushing towards Carbil.

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