The plot begins when everyone is shocked to see Baazigar and the baby together. Oman shouted Baazigar. Baazigar sends the baby to Aman. Oman gave the child to Aria. She asks if you released Baazigar. Salma asked why Baazigar picked up the child. Aliya smiled, recalling sending snakes to scare Ba Baazigar. She believes that the misunderstanding between Oman and Roshney will increase. Chotu showed a big snake and said Baazigar was protecting the baby and he deserved a reward. Aliya thinks my plan has failed, and I want Baazigar to be a villain, he is a hero. Duddy asked Sara to bring Jotu in. She asked Aliya, whatever you said, it was true. Sorry Aliya, Aman is soothing me, we have sinned. Duddy asked Oman that she was telling the truth.

He said I don’t remember. The earth asked how this happened. Roshney said, I’ll tell you, Aliya did it, she took drugs at night and fainted him. She picked up the glass and showed them. She said there was leftover powder inside, and when she saw the letter, she was sending a threatening note to her, and she saw the same handwriting. She was a big liar, so she could stay here and lie to you. Oman showed clear glass. Roshney asked how this happened. Roshni was shocked. She said I saw it myself, believe me, I didn’t lie.

Aliya cried and said I didn’t deceive Aman, otherwise I would prove where I would go. She remembered the snake changing the letters and removing the powder. She said you hate me, I hate myself, I want to leave this house, don’t let your relationship go bad. She asked Oman and others to take care. She thinks someone stopped me. Roshney stopped her and considered stopping the enemy from going home to keep her eyesight. She said that you said the baby is in danger, please stay here for safety. Phupi asked them to change her or child’s name. Roshney said that we would keep the baby’s name and that his truth must come out to Alia. Aliya agrees. Duddy said that we should give the baby a name, and today we want to retain functionality. Oman saw Roshney.

Tabeezi came to her room. She was shocked to see a glowing heart falling. Parveen said that I must leave Kabir’s heart to be rescued from the trap. All my abilities are over. I have become an ordinary person. For me, it is worse than death. I must sacrifice that child to restore my strength and think about something. Daddy said I don’t believe this Oman. Oman said I don’t remember anything. Salma said, you broke my daughter’s heart, you forgot, but I remember everything, you expelled my daughter, all rules apply to the wife, no rules apply to the husband. Aliya is sorry to Aman, I shouldn’t tell Roshni. He said you know what you did, I can never do it. She asks that you don’t trust me. He said that I believe in myself, I can’t deceive Roshney, there is no relationship between us, for the sake of baby, we have helped you, you told such things, I fainted. She said that happened what I said. He said that I can give my life, I cannot deceive, and be honest. She said I could never tell such a cheap lie. He said I couldn’t do this despicable behavior, to be honest. She asked me why I would slander myself.

He said that you said that I was unconscious, but you knew in a sense that I was married, why did you do it? She said I felt safe in your arms, I was tired of escaping, every girl had a family dream, I felt that dream came true, I couldn’t stop myself, and I felt that you wanted the same dream. He said I love Roshney. She said very well. If you want me to deny this, I will say that nothing happened between us. For the safety of the baby, I must stay here. I am going to lie. She cried and left. He cried.

Roshney cried. Oman is coming. He said I didn’t know apologize. She said it was simple. He asked me what to do. She remembered three things he asked him to do. What he asked. She said I knew you did these three things, but I haven’t lived yet, and do it again, and it’s over. Oman said to his ear, I’m sorry Rosney, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and I love you. She said that to maintain love, love and self-esteem are not easy in different places. Love can’t let me go away, and self-esteem can’t let me approach you. Tabitz says it’s in the heart of Sifriti and it will show who it belongs to. She said it meant Carbill’s heart, but why I couldn’t hear its death. She saw the ring forming. She said that the 14 rounds, which means that they have not been defeated since the 14th night, it was a starry night, which meant that Kabir died that night, and then who had his heart and why.