Review Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

The plot begins with Surekha crying away. Naira said I was also sad about Lav and Kush, and I was fighting myself in court. “I know that when we say anything against Ruff and Kush in court, we pray that they stay healthy. “We are strong, we are afraid of them,” said Naira. Suwarna asked her not to cry and explain anything without apologizing. Manish said we need to apologize and we blame you as always. Naira said no, this did happen. Dadi said, I hope neither of them will have trouble there. Kartik said I would do my best. Manish said that these two always meet our expectations. Trisha said I’m going home and I will send your stuff. Naira said she was going to practice. She hugs Theresa and asks her to take care. Kartik shook Naira’s hand. Surekha cried and saw photos of Lav and Kush. Here comes Akilesh. He said we must compromise with the situation. She said, I had to send my child to the hotel, and then I knew that your extramarital affairs had been compromised. Now the children are going to return the house, I can’t stay here. He said I knew your emotions. She packed her packing.

Kairav ​​and Vansh wear wigs such as Lav and Kush. Kartik and Naira ask Surekha to treat them as Lav and Kush until they return. Naira said sorry, we heard you. Kartik said sorry, you always call me your son, and believe so, you are always by my side and raising me, you never make me feel lonely, we will try to avoid making you uncomfortable. Naira said Raf and Kush are both young and live long, and we want them to be wise. Kartik said they will become wise and responsible. Kairav ​​said that we are your Lav Kush. Naira said another child was coming. Kartik says you can scold, beat or punish us without leaving home. Kailav said, I will pray for my brothers, don’t go. Surekha was carrying her schoolbag. She walked into the door and cried. Everyone put her into the room again. Vansh asked how to make them happy. Kailav said I had an idea.

Naira said she didn’t know what our fate was. Kartik said yes, we always explain to you that this is the last time there are always new challenges in life. She said that if we were together, I was not afraid of anything, and I was afraid that we might be apart. He said it couldn’t happen now. Kairav ​​told them to go out. Everyone came out and asked what happened. Kairav ​​and Vansh shouted Happy Holi. Kailav said that we can try to make Happy Holi, and Daddy said that Ruf and Kush will be good boys, come on, we should be happy. Vansh said, maybe they don’t like our ideas, sorry. Manish said we are not sad, Sureka … Kairav ​​and Vansh are colored and applied to her face.

Surekha said sorry, your Holi was spoiled because of me, and the day is not over yet, and we can celebrate happily. Manish was happy to say everything. Vansh and Kairav ​​embrace Kartik and Naira and wish. Kartik said that if we try, everything will be fine. Everyone plays Holi. Vansh says you have to play holi games, hide and seek. Kartik agrees. Kartik embraces Naira. Rangein hai dono…. Drama … everyone loves it. Dadi said the house looked good when Kartik and Naira were at home. Suwarna said yes, this is correct. Duddy blessed them. Kartik plays with Naira. Everyone gets bored when they see their long game and then leave. Kartik and Naira saw everyone disappeared. They laughed.

Naira said I would change and come. He smiled at her. She left Sureka and came to her room. She saw Kailav and Fansh. Kairav ​​said we would sleep here. Vansh said, but we don’t wear this kind of wig, which is very hurting. Surekha hugs them, asking them not to wear wigs, but to sleep. Akhilesh said everything will be fine. Samarth asked Jiayou (her) not to take medicine. She said I would eat now, I forgot. She takes medicine. He asked her not to be careless, he was waiting for the baby, and if something happened, then … this should not happen again.

Kartik and Naira play Holi and romance. Saawre … As … In the morning, they still maintain a romantic mood. Everyone dine and wait for Kartik and Naira. “We always have to be together,” Cartick said, because in this case we are separated. Naira said we are now together and ready now. Children play. Everyone laughed. Gayu fell off the stairs. Kartik and Naira were anxious to see her. Samas said, maybe my phone is upstairs. Kartik said I would call Samarth. Gayu said no, don’t call Samarth, she is very excited for the baby, and if anything happens to the baby, he will feel that I did it intentionally. Vansh says your phone is ringing. Samus went back. Gayu said I need to see a doctor. Kartik and Naira occupied Gayu. Keraf and Fansh are here. Naira asked them to go for pancakes. Samus said I would come. Jiayou is worried.

Manish asked Samarth to solve customer problems. Kartik runs alongside Gayu and Naira. Jiayou asked them to take her to the nearest hospital. Kartik says it’s just the new city hospital. Naila recalls her child. They sent Gayu to the doctor. Kartik said Gayu was scared because of Samarth. Naira said the stress was bad for her. Jiayou asked the doctor if everything was OK. Kartik asks Naira to wait and he will complete the formalities. Naira prays. She went to the ward and recalled the past. she cried.

Gayu recalled Samarth’s words. Kartik saw Naira and looked back. Skating rink … Drama … Kartik and Naira cry. Naira said I didn’t even know I would become a mother. Kartik says Kairav ​​is special, but we have our first child. She said that if I fulfilled my wish, I would ask my child to return. He hugs her. He said I held her up with these hands, and I could still feel her touch, hoping that I would get her back. Naira said this shouldn’t happen to Gayu. The doctor came and said that Jiayou and the baby were fine. She was sleeping and should not be under pressure. Naira says she is my sister. The doctor said that we had done some tests and the report would come and take her home after a while. Naira said I was suffocated here. she went out. Kartik thought of the nurse and said Leela gave me my baby on my lap and I should see her once. Naira saw a mother and a baby. She said why God brought us here when life became difficult.

A girl called the mummy and ran away. Naira saw her go to her mother. The nurses talked about Lila’s condition. Kartik asks what happened to her, where is she, and can I see her? The nurse said she was not working here because she had to resign due to illness and had cancer. He asked me if I could get her phone number or address. My wife and sister were admitted here. If I could help, Lira helped them a lot. He came out and saw Naira looking at a girl. She asked him to meet the girl, and their daughter should have been as old as her. Kartik said yes, Kairav ​​and, she will be my lioness and she will complete our family. Naila cried and thought about what would happen if she was with us and you have seen her, who she looks like. He said that like my Naira, she was very beautiful. He said I didn’t want to go to his hospital. She said fine, at least we could cry. He hugged her and cried.

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