The plot begins with Kartik and Naira. Naira spoke to Suwarna on the phone and asked Kairav. She said thank you and ended the call. He asked his mother what to say. She didn’t say anything, Kairav ​​was playing through the package. He said our guilt would be reduced. He turned on the lights. They saw the beautiful decoration of the suite. He said that hotel employees work a lot. She said yes, too much. They talked about Kailav with a smile. Naira gets a gift box. He asked what was inside and showed me. She said nothing. He saw the evening gown and said to get ready soon. She asked why, you feel sleepy. He said no, I don’t sleep all night today. Naila said why I was so shy. When the music stops playing, Lav and Kush pass over the cushion. Trisha said Kairav ​​got this after the music stopped. She said you were deceived. Everyone regards Love as a liar. He was angry. Kartik says the idea for black coffee is good. Naira came to him. They laughed. He was really … seeing her. Piya baawri…. As …

He hugged her. They said we would talk about Kailav again. They called Suwarna and asked Kairav. Suwarna said he was playing, he didn’t name you, and if you talk to him, he may be sad. Naira asked if he missed me. Suwarna asked if I would lie. Kartik said fine. They ended the call. Katik says we miss him very much. Suwarna saw Kairav ​​calling me for a mummy. Everyone tried to calm him. Akhilesh said we must tell Kartik and Naora. Manish said we will deal with him. Jiayou said that you were with us when Naira was in the hospital. Kailav said no, I want mummy. Kartik and Naira love story. Kairav ​​runs. Everyone tried to stop him. Kairav ​​called Naira and said please go home as soon as possible. Naira said we would be there in ten minutes, don’t cry. Kartik asked Naira to make the changes first. Gayu came to Samarth and said Kairav ​​only wanted his mummy, our name was Naira. Samus asked them to return. Gayu said yes, poor Kartik Naira. Samus said don’t pity me, Fansh had upset me once, he’s grown up. She said that if babies come … they smile.

Kartik and Naira are home. They called Kailav. Suwarna said he was sleeping. Naira thanked her. Kartik is sorry for the trouble. Suwarna said sorry, we can’t cope with him, you must come back. Kartik and Naira took Kairav. They said to each other sorry. Naira said that we will be good parents and we will be good couples. Kartik says we can try. Naira said yes, Kailav and Kaila should be happy. Kartik said yes. Lav and Kush said that Kartik and Naira are home and we have time to go to the morning. They went to Trisha’s room. Naira saw them and wondered why they wanted to go to Trisha. Lav and Kush apologized to Trisha. Naira came to ask what happened, why are you sorry, do you know each other? Trisha said no. She told everything. Kartik came and said I didn’t expect you two. Liv said it was accidental, why do we lie. They lied that they had returned Trisha’s dupatta. Kartik asked them to keep quiet. He asked Theresa, are they telling the truth?

Trisha nodded. Liv said, we are ready to apologize again. Lavender and Kush leave. Kartik said I’m sorry Trisha, you’re troubled. Naira said sorry. Sorry, Trisha is fine, your special day. Trisha said, “I don’t want to ruin your life, maybe their intentions are good.” Katik said that Raf and Kush were fine. Naira said yes. Lav and Kush breathed a sigh of relief. Kush said if there were any issues, we would sort them out and Theresa could do nothing.

In the morning, Naira woke up. Kartik said you woke up and I couldn’t sleep. For your sake, I drank a lot of black coffee. Naira teases him. She said that we had to go to Kalav’s school. Katik said I would take a wedding break. She said that she should be a good father now, hurry up and get up. She smiled and saw Kartik and Kairav. She avoided poor sight. Manish said his mother woke up early. Suwarna said Dadi would conduct a ritual for hours to prevent blindness in his family. She saw Manish and Dadi enter the temple together. Naira prepared Kairav. She asked Kartik to get ready quickly. Cartick went. Kailav asked me that I cannot stay at home today. Naira says no, you must use its PTM immediately. Kairav ​​goes to see Lav and Kush. Kairav ​​and Vansh see Lav and Kush sleeping. They crossed Lav and Kush and shouted loudly. Lava and Kush are not up. Kailav and Fansh leave. Lav and Kush were disturbed when they heard the music. Trisha practices dance. Lava went to stop her music. He knocked on the door. He stopped the music. He said this is not your party, Daddy and Manish are doing a meeting, please keep the volume down. Trisha said that you lied yesterday and today, you have encountered a problem, the volume is not too much, there is no problem, sorry, today.

Kartik came to his room. He saw Naila dancing and smiling. Udi udi … plays … she wears his shirt. He said it was my shirt. She said oh, sorry, accept it. She fled to dance. He went to pick her up. They are romantic. He feels sleepy. She laughed at his sleepiness. She asked him to sleep and go. He told her to yawn. He said why it always happened to me.