The plot begins when Lav and Kush’s friends leave. Gayou said how their party ended so soon. Surekha said I would go and see. Kartik and Naira came there. They tell everything. Everyone was shocked. Kartik threw the beer can. Lav and Kush were worried. Kartik asks why you are doing this, tell me, and I ask your friends to leave. Naira asks how you can get Kartik and Vansh involved. He asks what you’re doing, it’s good Trisha sees the children carrying their schoolbags out. Lav thinks Trisha did. Naira said I’ve seen it, but I didn’t expect it to be Trisha’s. Kartik said you want to feed your children beer. Achilles slapped. Mannis stopped him. Akhilesh says you are not ashamed, why use these children.

Kush said listen to us once. Akhilesh said he was lost. Lava said that you’ve heard Theresa (not us) and she doesn’t know the truth, please give me a chance to speak. Surekha said, listen once. Lava said it wasn’t our fault, Abisek got the beer and we didn’t order. Kush said, you don’t think we are responsible for feeding them beer. Lava said that we insist on pouring cold drinks into beer cans. Manish said that if you do, life will be ruined. Akhilesh said that neither of you would go out or call a friend’s house within 15 days and your gift was cancelled. He said there is no bicycle, you have heard this Kartik, and punishment is punishment. Lava thinks I will see your spiritual girl. They go. Kush asks why you are angry. Liv said we were scolded, the gift was cancelled, no fun, no privacy, we were insulted, Theresa did it, and I won’t leave her. Kush said, forget it. Raf said she would be encouraged if we did nothing. Naira said I’m sorry Kaylaf. Kartik said I have a responsibility too, and we didn’t expect it.

Naila said, just think about what would happen if the family were not at home. Liv said our friend bought beer, if we know, we will tell you, please try to understand. Kush said sorry. Lava said we were injured, and you suspect that we are against Kailav and Fansh. Kartik said that you have sent your child to get cans. Lava says I accept our mistakes. Kush said sorry, it was our worst birthday. Xiao Xun said, worse than the birthday we were forced to go to the hotel. Kush said we assure you that this will never happen again. Kartik said that you are older than Kairav ​​and Vansh for us, and that you are responsible, I believe you, please use your senses and do not listen to your friends. They promise. He said if anything happens, please tell me first and don’t hide anything from me. They promise. Kartik said stop thinking and now celebrate happily. Xiaoai said that Dad cancelled his birthday present. Katik said I would talk to him about bicycles. They thank him and hug. Here comes Naira. Kartik signed on her. She left Kartik and asked them to sit with Kairav.

He went to Naila and asked why you were not happy, they realized their mistake. They argue. He said that you are in trouble than the others and explain to Lav and Kush that they are disappointed, are you sorry? She said yes, but they did it wrong. He said no, Abisek got beer. She said that they would do this, and we would regret not supporting them and let Akilesh punish them forever. Kartik said sorry, I think they did not make a big mistake, I will ask my family to forgive them, and I assure them that they will get this bike. He joked that I love you. She said I love you too. He said you are not angry. She says disagreement doesn’t mean angry. He said I want to drink tea too. She asked him to do it and clean the utensils. He said I thought Lav and Kush should be punished, so I asked them to be Kairav, and we could talk like newlyweds. Naira said let’s cancel the tea. He asked why we would do it. Liv and Kush are busy calling.

Kartik and Naira drink tea and put the cup back in place. They are romantic. Liv said that Cartik was late. Kartik and Naira are sorry. We are late. Kush said it was fine. Kartik said that if you want to ride a bicycle and then convince Naira to talk to her and make a deep impression, she should think you are not careless, but good boy, she loves you very much A little unhappy. Lavender and Kush leave.

In the morning, everyone dances. The earth tells about Manish’s childhood. Manish joke. Yeh desh hai veer… .. drama… Kartik, Naira and Trisha also joined. He asked where Lav and Kush were. Akhilesh said call them, maybe they have some plans. Liv said it was Family Day. Naira said Trisha and I had to go to school. Kairav ​​said we will come. Kartik signed Lav. Lava says we will also help you. Surekha asked Naira to pick them up. They leave. Liv said I had to go. Trisha heard it. Kush said she would tell everyone now.

In the academy, Kartik and Naira praised each other. Trisha asked them to arrange snacks. Liv asked Kailav, you are a girl studying this. Kush says doing boy work. Kairav ​​said that mom said that all jobs are equal and there is no difference between boys and girls. Trisha mocked the elf and Kush. Kailav said she was funny and I like her. Lava said she joined her at the time, and she thought she was smart. Naila looked.