The plot begins with Naira saying that I like Lav and Kush the most. She couldn’t hear them. She talked to the child and went. The man asked her to do some dance poses for the photo. Naira pose. Kartik came to see her. He also poses. Dilon ke mohalle ….. drama …. Kartik clicked on Naira’s photo. She smiled and left. He said my love is getting stronger and stronger for you, and I hope our love will always be the same. Liv said I was annoyed with Theresa. Abhishek came over and said, I saw your bike outside and here, when is your new bike coming. Trisha said security guards are looking for you and your bike will be towed away. Liv asks you what’s wrong and let it happen. She says you won’t get a new bike, but you will cherish the old bike. She left Abhishek and said she had nothing to say and wanted to control it.

Trisha said, I’m writing to remember the main points of Kairav ​​and Vansh’s speech. Naira said good idea. Abishek said we could use the idea of ​​the film and teach her. Kush said no. Raf said we didn’t write a speech and we had to show her the real location. Abhishek agreed. Kartik welcomes his family and praises them. He asked if you like these clothes? Mannish said yes. Kairav ​​asks why you wear different clothes. Suwarna said your mother asked us to do so. Kartik said that we must show solidarity in diversity and we have love for each other. Surekha says our children work a lot. Kartik came to Naira and flirted. She said the event had less time. He said everything was ready and our family came. She said I would see it.

He said no, please prepare Trisha. She says she dances very well, and you would say that we are both the same. He said we will see and focus on ourselves. She asked that everything would be okay. he said yes. Trisha said, this will be the most special day of my life, thank you Tina. Here comes the minister. Manish asked him to sit down. Samas said another baby will be on stage with Vansh and Kairav ​​next year. Jiayou agreed. Kairav ​​and Vansh came on stage and started speaking. Everyone applauded. Kartik welcomes everyone. Naira said that we also held charity events at the same time as dance performances. Our college was recognized on this special day. We prepared games and food stalls for the children and we will start with a short welcome speech.

Lav and Kush met Dadi on stage. Abhishek said don’t worry, Trisha will be blamed. Kush was worried. Liv asked him not to worry. The earth thanks the Minister. Kailav and Fansh read the speech. When the children made mistakes in the speech, everyone was watching. Lava and Kush laughed.

Kartik and Naira signed Kairav ​​and Vansh to stop. People laughed. Naira said sorry, the children were nervous and misread. Kartik said we apologize for their mistakes. Duddy said, I think it was a mistake and it was not corrected. Naira said, we want to read the speech well. Trisha saw Lav, Abhishek and Kush laughing. Kartik and Naira speak. Manish apologized for the mistake. The minister said that I have also watched that movie. Don’t worry, I have known you for many years. Trisha said you changed your speech and Tina will listen to me and I don’t need evidence. Liv said I would tell you that you tried to kiss me. Kush let her go. Liv asked what you would do. Trisha said your conversation was on record and I will tell her everything. Liv dropped her. Theresa slapped him. She scolded him.

She said I would tell everything to Tina and file a police complaint to see what I should do now. She left Liv angry. Kairav ​​said that our family will now perform. Naira said Teresa would be scared. Kartik said that we knew she hadn’t done this and concentrated on dancing. Did you take medicine? She said yes. He hugs her. Surekha said Lav and Kush have been working hard since the morning. Naira said she found Trisha, and she didn’t start late. Katik said, I will get her, don’t worry. Naira and everyone danced on Desh Mera Rangeela … Kartik looks for Trisha. Trisha came to power and danced with Naira. Kartik saw Naira smile. Abhishek told little love. Everyone applauds Naira and Trisha.