Review Serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

The plot begins with reporters asking weird questions, whether Kunar is an illegitimate child, and whether Minakshi will fire him. Misty asked reporters to stop it, and it was an exciting time for them. She brought Meenakshi. Kuhu came to apologize to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asked her to stop. She said I had accepted you and Misty’s daughter, and Kunar did it because of the two of you. Kuhu said I didn’t know, I didn’t tell my family about Parul. Meenakshi asked how Varsha got Parul’s gift. Kuhu said she was a gift for you, and Mishti didn’t discuss anything with me. When she returned the company to Kunal, I liked the gesture very much. The company belongs only to you and Kunal. Meenakshi says Mishti does this. Kuhu said I don’t know, she is very smart, Kunal is your son, and you are my Sasumaa. Meenakshi said it was just pleasing. She left. Misty asked Abir why he didn’t tell her that Kunal was having Parul for the inauguration. Abby said I don’t know.

She said the liar, you are behind, thank you, and finally Paru gained her rights. She hugs him. Jasmeet heard it and left. Mishti said I was worried about Shaurya and Varsha. Abil said I know they don’t care. Sharia said, Kunal, you should have told us before. Nanu said we decided to hide this. Kunal is sorry, and I am trying to accept this. Vishwamber said the truth is bad. Kuhu came and said Meenakshi went somewhere and she was crying. Kunal goes. Sauria said that if you told us before, we would not stand in the way of Kuhu and Kunar’s alliance. Vishwamber asked Nanu to tell them everything. Abir said I was worried about Meenakshi. Misty asked him not to be negative. He said I was realistic, I face reality and know my mother, she will be very angry.

She said that I hope you or Kunal prepare Meeakshi in advance. She is strict and angry, but she is a mother. He said she liked to control everyone, she would manipulate Kunal and prevent Parul from taking office, and she did a lot of work to keep us apart. She said yes, she could do anything and stay calm. Jasmeet asked why he did not choose Kunal. Kuhu said Meenakshi thinks Mishti does this. Jasmeet said yes, she was happy and hugged Abir Parul for her rights. Varsha came to ask Kuhu if you know that Kunal is Parul’s son. Kuhu said yes, Kunar is still struggling with this truth. Jasmet said Mishti did. Kuhu said yes, I’m sure. Varsha said it’s okay, we must be with Meenakshi to take care of her.

Meenakshi recalled little Kunal and Abir. She went to the temple. She stumbled and cried. Kunal came and hugged her. He said he was really sorry. She said I’m not your mother, go from here. He said you will always be my mother. She said that what you did just now, it’s nothing, I don’t take any responsibility to Parul, she took all the responsibility herself. Kunal said I told Abil and Misty … she said that I don’t care, you should tell me, I care that you leave me alone and go to your real mother. she cried. he is gone.

She was angry and said Mishti… .. Mishti took Parul home and said it was a new start for you. “I don’t think this will happen,” Parrour said. Kuhu is coming. Parul says it’s just because of you and Abil. Mishti said it was because of Kunal, we did nothing. Nanu said Kuhu, go with me to the temple and I need to talk to Meenakshi. Cool tiger goes. Parul said your family is worried, can you apologize on my behalf? Misty nodded. Ketki came to watch the video. Mishti said 1 million views, people congratulated you, and said Kunal did the right thing. Kunal came and looked. Nanu said Meenakshi, you will feel like you lost, this is your victory. Meenakshi asked how. He said that Kunal made the right decision, this is your growth, this is a brave move, it does not mean that he does not need you, your Kanha needs you, he is your son No one can change this, don’t let him go, go to him. Meenakshi cried and left.

Parul said, “Kunal, I got love and respect in this house, and I hope my son will call me Maa, and you fulfill my wish, I have everything Do not want. Kunal hugs her. Abir and Mishti keep watching. Abil is joking. Here comes Minax. Mishti took pictures of Kunal and Parul. Kuhu came to Mishti. Abil went to Meenakshi. She asked Kunal to leave. She turned to see Abil. She said I was angry with Kunal, but Abil, you hurt me so much, how could your son hurt his mother, you ruined everything. Abil said that nothing will damage your reputation. If your husband leaves you, it is his fault. The fact is that Kunar, I am the son of this house, why should we discuss this issue. She said that she always walked with us in the past, and Mishti knew that her father’s truth was still with her, and you may forget that I did not forget my husband’s bad behavior. He asked her to stop. She said you shame us. He said why did you leave Parur at home. She said it was for humanity.

He asks you how to say that Parur’s relationship brings shame to you and that people will respect you more. She asks who you are, tells everyone the truth, Mishti did it, she sent Mehul home, and it happened. He said the fact is that you left Parul here to protect your false self-respect, you made her a servant, thank God Mishti for keeping Mehul here, and Kunal knew the truth. She said I had never abused Parur. He asks if you treat her equally. She said she cannot be equal. He said I want Misty to be here. I told her you would react like this. She asked me to remain calm. I never wanted to control my family. I asked Kunal to accept Parul. I could n’t believe you. Challenge, or prove me wrong or accept it, and you decide to take Parul home. he goes. She said you want to be honest, I will bring the truth about Misty and Kuhu and see how you accept it.

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