The plot begins with Nannu punching Abir’s face. Misty said stop. Nannu sees A in her mehendi and asks her to move. She fell. Abby defeated him. Kuhu asked what you were doing. Mishti made a mistake, and you made the same mistake. Abir said that I couldn’t forgive this mistake, that Nishant should beat me that day, and what can I say to prove that no one loves Mishti more than I do. Vishwamber asked him to stop it. Nanu said we are leaving now. Vishwamber said no, the matter will end today. He asks Mishti to decide whether the person she loves is Abir or Nishant, Abir who has left your hand before or Nishant who has never left to support you, our family is happy, united and together because of him. Mishti said Abir … Abil looked at her. Nannu and everyone were shocked.

Misty turned to Abil and said to leave from here. Vishwamber asked Abir to leave and never dared to return. Kunar said not to punish Abil, and asked Misty. Vishwamber said no one would say anything now. Kunar took over Abil. Nannu laughs at Abir and says your story is over. Dono ke yeeh .. drama … Abby cried and went away. Misty cried. Vishwamber looked at her. Misty went to her room and washed mehendi. She recalled the words of Abir and said I had waited two months to hear the news. Abier said that since two months Mishti has given me a chance and I have lost everything. Kunal said you were hurt. Abil said she was hurt. Mishti saw Vishwamber’s picture. She said Abil, you hurt me, my family gave me a new life again, and I can’t let them down. Rajeshri came to see Abil. Kuhu said he was fine. Rajeshri is gone. Kunal said it happened because of me, and if I apologize to Xixin and your family, it won’t happen. Kuhu said no, hug him. Abil looked at them. He started thinking about whether I lost Mishti forever, and our story really ended.

Nannu console Jasmeet. She said Meenakshi threatened first, and then Abir came. He said that I invited Abir. I had to break his self and attitude. Mishti did not choose him. Once married, Abir would never return. Jasmeet said that Mishti loves Abir very much. Kuhu and I do n’t want Mishti and Abir to marry. Kuhu is worried that her life will deteriorate. Mishti will not lose. She fights with everyone. I want you to listen to me. Mishti Abir Your love cannot end, if you marry Mishti, I am afraid she will leave you at any time, please break this relationship. He said I promise that this relationship will not break, I will not break, I will not let this happen.

When Abir saw the Lake District, he remembered Mishti. He asked Nanu why you asked me to come here. Nanu says good memories are the best healers. Kunal said I think you are wasting time, and Meenakshi will ask Abir how he was injured. They cheered for Abil. Abil smiled. Kunal said Mishti asked Abir for her family’s sake, and Abir left her for the same reason, she was choosing her own family. He said you are both the same, don’t think she broke your heart. Abi said, yes, love is not everything. Kunal said that love is everything to you, and if you tell her why he is engaged, Mishti should know the truth.

Nannu said Mishti would not leave, please mom. Misty came to them. She complained about Nannu. He said it was unfair. Jasmet said she was right, Ms. Teapot was a cheesy name, and I’m glad you came to see me. Misty said that I came to seek the time of the dharma, and all the rituals would happen. Nannu smiled. Jasmet said we will ask Vassar to start preparations. She left Nannu to thank Mishti. She says you are always welcome. he goes. Rajeshri came to Mishti. She said you became wise and I am proud of you. Michetti said, “I don’t want to hurt your heart, Westwanbo and Abil. Rajeshri said Nissan. Misty, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Nannu kept watching. Niddy said, I don’t know when everyone will return. Meenakshi asked where Parul Abir and Kunal were. Parul ignored her. Nidhi asked Parul to answer Meenakshi. Meenakshi said they asked Parul not to tell us. Nanu and everyone came.

Nanu laughed at Meenakshi. Meenakshi asked Abir, who had hurt her. Abil said you … you hurt me and said you were protecting me. She said I know who hurt you and I won’t leave Maheshwaris. He did shayari to answer her. Rajeshri thought of Abil. She said who should I talk to. She received a call from Devyaani. Devyaani said I’m getting married. Rajshri said that you know that Mishti and Nannu have been good friends since childhood, so Vishwamber talked about this alliance. Devyaani asks if you are thinking about Abir. Rajshri said yes, I think Mishti can’t forget him, he apologized. Devyaani says it’s Dharm Sankat. Rajshri said that Vishwamber was not ready to speak, and I didn’t know Mishti’s heart.

Devyaani said, I’m sure you know Mishti best, no matter what decision you make for Mishti is correct. Mishti gave Vishwamber tea and said we must go to the temple. Varsha signs Mishti with Vishwamber. Abil and Parul came to the temple. He saw a couple getting married. He recalled Misty. Abil said I told Mishti that we would fight for our love and I lost. “All of us have made mistakes, but only you have been punished. He said that if we were destined to meet, no one could separate Michetti and me. Rajshri demanded that no rituals be held today. Misty asked what happened. Rajshri described some accidents and road blockages. Mishti answers the phone and talks to Pandit. She said that we would leave the Faith in other temples. Everyone laughed. Abil prayed. He thinks our story is not over yet.