The plot begins with Parul’s fall. Abil held her. Kunal saw that she was fine and left. Abi said your son did not continue to take care of you. She asks if you speak to Misty. Nannu asks if you will forgive Abir, and if he tells you why he interrupted the engagement, this is our marriage tomorrow and I will move on without knowing it. Mishti said that the temple was special to Abil and me. We promised to fight for our love. There is no place for Abil in our future, believe me. Nannu said there is one more thing. Abil called Mishti. Nannu thinks that if you answer, then I will tell you all other information, otherwise … Mishti is disconnected. She said I promised you that I would never hurt you.

Abil threw colors on the canvas. He recalled Mishti’s letter and sorted it out. Misty said, I won’t let you wait now. He received a call and asked Kunal to answer the call. He invited Kunal to speak. Nannu says Abir wants to hear from you. Misty said that I move on, no matter what the reason for Abil’s departure, I will move on. Nannu went out and asked if you heard it. Abil asked if you were telling the truth to Mishti. Nannu said that you said that if Mishti doesn’t change her decision, you won’t walk in front of her. Abir said that Nishant did not tell her the truth. Kunal said you shouldn’t tell him. Abir said that if he was honest, Mishti would run while you were running for Parul. Meenakshi said I can’t stand Mishti at home. She looked.

Nannu thought of Abir and Mishti. He jogs. He said I didn’t say anything to Misty, and it didn’t matter to her. Abil was like a drug addiction, giving happiness for a while, and then suffering. Meenakshi said that you are right, you cannot hide the truth from Mishti for a long time, Abir will tell her the truth, what will you do, I can help you. He said no, thank you, you let Kunal drink my wine. She said, that’s why Mishti and Abir left, and Mishti got together with you. he goes. Kuhu welcomes everyone from Raatjaga. Rajeshri said Mishti was ready. Misty got the toy house. Ungli pakad ke tu ne… .plays… Mishti cried and hugged Vishwamber. Everyone dances. Kunal came to welcome them. Rajeshri said, you make us cry today. Mishti says this is just a trailer to see what happens that day at vidaai. Nannu thinks Mishti talks about marriage and seems to want to marry me. Kunal thought that Mishti wanted to marry Nishant and I had to talk to her. Mishti went to comfort Kuhu. Kuhu cleans her makeup.

Michetti said you are really happy today. Kuhu said for the first time that I found Nanchak really happy. She walked away. Mishti thought Nannu and everyone deserve happiness, and I will give them happiness. Mishti heard Kunal talking about Abir’s accident. She said I hope Abbey is fine. She ran away. Kunar said I was right, Mischiti was coming. Mishti ran and shouted Abir. She cried and said I hope he is fine. She saw Abil. Khubsurat raat ye .. drama … Abil opened his arms. She hugs him. She said I was scared. He said I was also scared, you are here now and everything is fine. she left. She said you are really good. He said that everything is fine now. She asks you if you have any questions. He asked why you can’t face reality, you came here to hear about me, why did you come.

She said you have all the answers, I’m coming to you. He said, but you do n’t know anything, I will tell you everything, our family is holding a card ceremony, Meenakshi has maintained the status, I do n’t know Kunal is my own brother, she said that if our wedding invitations were distributed, This card will then be distributed the next day, and she threatened me. She said that she would drive Parul and Kunal out of the house, so I said I didn’t trust you and broke the relationship. Misty cried. She said it means I’m right, my love is right, you don’t hate me. Abil said that I told you that I can’t hate you. She hugs him. Nannu kept watching.

She said that everyone felt that it was a big mistake for me to choose you. You don’t love me, and our relationship is wrong. Abil said I was wrong, you are angry, violent and harsh, then you are mine. She nodded and hugged him. He said I love you and will always love you, no matter what you decide, I will love you, this is my truth. She said Nannu … And escape. Abir said that Nannu is not worth a unilateral relationship, don’t do it, you love me, it’s a fact. she cried. Dil mera yun tod ke…. Acting … Mishti said, why Abir’s mother hates me so much, she used two sons to deal with me, and I tried to prove to myself that my love and belief are true, and today my belief won, why I feel lost. A little girl asked her not to cry and gave her a few balloons.

Misty hugged her. Rajeshri said that Mishti and Khuhu sang a beautiful song. Vishwamber said the good thing is that Abir is not here, we are all happy, and Mishti is also happy. She said you have a problem today. He asked me not to express my concern. She asked if you were worried about your future or your decision. To be honest, we just want Mishti’s happiness. I don’t know if I can trust Abil again. We are anxious to resolve the relationship between Mishti and Nannu. Vishwamber said that all relationships now depend on the relationships between them. Mishti heard it and left. Nannu said that I was a big fool, and what I got by hiding the truth, Abir told her the truth, Mishti was my fiancee, Abir would never win, she was mine.