The plot begins when Nannu asks Abir not to snatch Mishti, who is his fiancee and his best friend. He asked Mishti not to leave him. He said I would not leave you like Abel, and if you were with me, I would never drink. He fell. Everyone was worried and crying. They took Nannu to his room. Mishti said he’s been sober for ten years, why would he do it today. Jasmet cried and said, because of you. The doctor checked Nannu. Meenakshi plays the sitar and relaxes. Abil went to buy medicine. Nannu got up and said I was fighting for Mishti. I can’t lose. My life belongs to my loved ones. This pressure will disappear in a while. Mishti needs me. He went to change. He recalled the meeting with Meenakshi. She gave him the clothes he wore last night. She said that I had put wine on the wine, and seeing you drunk, Mishti’s heart would melt and her family was very weak, hitting her weakness.

He said I was a recovering addict and the taste of this wine would … she said you have to decide what, your weakness, addiction or Mishti. FB ends. Nannu thinks I must win Mishti and I need her. He rests. Abil got the medicine. He missed when Nishant was unconscious when he changed clothes. Kunal said how the marriage happened, Nannu felt weak and we couldn’t get him to marry Mishti. Kuhu says you don’t need any tuition for marriage. Rajeshri stopped her. Kuhu said Mishti, you went to see Abil, but you didn’t expect Nancy. Mishti asked Kunal to take Abil. Abir said everyone was scared, but … Jasmeet said Mishti was right, just go. She asked who was Abish’s Vishwamber to disturb them, was he more evil than Nannu. she cried.

Rajshri said that if it was this house, Nannu would be the son. Jasmet said that Nanu will marry Mishti today and you can see him broken and I can’t see him because I am his mother and if Mishti does not marry him, he will be addicted to addiction. Mishti said the marriage will happen today, but I can talk to Abil for the last time. She went to Abil. She said that we don’t have time now and that fact has changed. He asks why you lost courage. She said I can choose you or your family. He said we would elope and get married, and they would forgive us. She asked if Nannu relapsed because of me, no one could forgive us. He asks you to keep him a ruthless marriage. She said that you left me and went to Kunar. Today, I want to leave you for the sake of my family. You said that I am strong, don’t hold my hand, otherwise I can’t go. He left her hand. Dheere dheere ….. plays … she said, thank you, you taught me to take responsibility for my decisions, I know to love, you teach me to trust love, thank you for loving me and for giving me a beautiful love story, becoming My courage, goodbye Ajeeb Rajvansh. He took her hand, said goodbye to angry Jony, and left. They cry. Dono ne ye taye kiya tha… .plays….

He left the red balloon. Abir saw Nannu on the balcony. He thought that Nishant was unconscious and that he was lying. When I supported you, Kunal asked if you would leave Mishti? Abier said that if I lose Nishant, I want to know if the reason is correct, and we will check Nishant’s report. Meenakshi said that if Abir checks the report, you will be trapped, so I have to change the report. She went to the hospital. Kunal said I don’t think Nissan is lying. Abil said I think he was lying. They arrived at the hospital. Nishant said, I have no choice but to keep Abir away from marriage. He called and booked Mishti and his ticket. Mishti wept and imagined Vishwamber and Rajshri. She thinks I made the right decision. Kuhu came over and said you went to see Abir, but didn’t expect Nanchak. Mishti says he is my friend and I care about him. Kuhu said he was with Nannu. Mishti says you are helping Abir.

Kuhu said I did it for you. Mishti said, then help me, don’t blame me anymore, he is my best friend, and you think it’s easy for me to see him this way. Kuhu said, I don’t want to hurt my family. Mishti said they were also my family. Abil said we would report. The doctor said the report was negative, Nishant doesn’t drink, and I want to call Shaurya. She asked him not to tell anyone. She said my son was the son of Maheshwari, and I didn’t want anyone to know. The doctor said it was fine. Kuhu is called Kunar. Meenakshi heard Kunal leave. Kuhu said not to come back, I can’t see my brother like this, don’t get married. Meenakshi selected the file. Abby didn’t see it. Abil said to go there and take care of Mishti and Kuhu. Kunal goes. Abir received Nannu’s report. He thinks Nishant is not drinking, which means he is lying.