The episode begins with Meenakshi, saying the report is not here and the report failed. She told Nannu that the report had failed and Abbe was there. Jasmeet was worried about Nannu. Vishwamber asked her not to worry. She asked if you would forgive him. He said he was a child and children make mistakes. She said you would forgive Abir if Nannu wasn’t drunk. He said you thought I just wanted to be Mishti, and when I realized that Nannu loved Mishti, I told the alliance, I just wanted to have this marriage for Nannu’s sake. Jasmet cried and said, please forgive me for asking you. He said there was no need to apologize, I didn’t express it, but I wanted to serve this family every day. She thanked him and hugged. He asked her not to worry. he goes. Mishti looked.

Abir check for negative results. He said it meant that my suspicion was right, Nishant deceived his family and I must tell Mishti. She washed her face. She thinks Nannu supports me and it’s my turn now. She received a call from Abir and disconnected. She said no, I can’t do this. He called again. He said, this is very important to you, I am in the hospital now. She asks what you say. Nannu came over and snatched the phone. Rajeshri asks what you are doing to prepare for Hardy. Kuhu answered Mishti’s call. Nannu said stay away from my fiancee. Abil punched him. Nannu asked what the hell. Abir said that you have sent your family to hell and you acted, but I saw the tears of the family. Nannu says they are my family and have nothing to do with you. Abil said that Mishti was also there, and she was mine. They argue. Abir said you don’t deserve the Maheshwari surname, remember my name Abir Rajvansh and I will bring out your truth. Abil goes. Nannu’s nose was bleeding. He chased Abil. Mishti stands for Haldi. The ceremony begins. Andar tu haiā€¦. Acting … She saw Abir coming and smiled. Abil applied Hardi to her. Abil left the car. Nannu followed him.

He asked Abil to stop. Abir said that I assured Mishti that she would not lose anything, but today she will lose her best friend, she should not lie, she must know the truth. He stooped to answer the phone. There is a gear in the middle. Abil drove away and hit the tree. Dia blows away. Rajshri lit it up again. Abil recalled Mishti and fell off the car. Mishti was disturbed. Her bracelet fell off. Abil rolled off the land and fell into the river. Kunal chose a bracelet for Mishti.

Mishti called Kuhu when she saw the bracelet broken. She said something bad happened and called me. Nannu saw Abir’s car. He checks Abil. He called Abil to look around. Mishti stood under the shower. She called Abil. Nannu said I think Abir fell into the waters, or maybe he was saved. He made Abir’s phone ring. Kuhu asks you how to make the same play again and why did you call Abir. Mishti asked her to shut up, where is Kunal. She texted Abil. Nannu reads … I’m scared, what are you telling me, just tell me you’re fine. Anything Nannu can tell Mishti, save Abir, but I’m afraid of water, I can’t swim, I think Abir sank, I can’t save Abir, but I can save myself.

He replied to Mishti not to call or message him, he would be fine. Kuhu asked Kunal to go. Mishti said Kunar and Abil didn’t answer me. She read the mail. Kunal said it was impossible. Kuhu said Abir didn’t want to talk to you. Mishti asked Kuhu to go. She said I knew Kunal that you hate me. It was about Abir. I think he was in trouble. He wanted to talk to me. The call was interrupted. Do you think something was wrong? Kunal thinks he can’t convey the news, and maybe he knows Nisant’s report, and she’s right. He called Abir and said the call wasn’t connected. She asked where Abil was and told me. Nannu said I was here and he laughed. She asked where you went. He said to have fresh air, I’m fine. She said we would be fine if you were okay. He said we were going in. She said yes, your Hardy left. Kunal congratulates, but I have to go to my family and my brother. Nannu will do as you wish, and Kuhu will miss you. Kunar said I understand, but Abil needs me, I’m going to find him, and I should be with him, to Mishti. She nodded. Kunar leaves.

Nannu thinks I should have searched for Abir, but I didn’t. Abil is lying in the water. Meenakshi gets angry when the wood-based panel falls and scolds Jugnu. She said it had a bad sign. Mishti thinks I don’t know why I feel scared and hopes that Abir is fine. Nannu said I was fine. Parul said maybe my aarti plate was bad. Nanu appeases Meenakshi. Meenakshi asked Parul not to touch the plate. She prayed for her family. Kunal called home and asked if Abir was home. Jugnu said no, everything was fine. Kunal said I hope so. Mishti said I felt what was happening to Abil and I was scared. Kuhu said he was fine. Mishti said no, he was bad, and Abil was bad. Kuhu said you are going to marry Nanchak, are you okay? Kunal asked the nurse about Abir. The nurse said that the morning nurse would know. He asked Abil for the other nurses. The nurse said he had a fight with someone and then left. Kunal asked for a fight. Mishti says Abir is in danger.