Asmita snatched the gun from Shekhawat and put it on him. Asmita said let’s go to the mountain. They went out. Shekhawat pushed a box on them and then chose Krishi. He operates. Shan and Asmita chase Shekhawat. Chris said mother, father, please help me. Asmita says he took Clichy there. They chase him. Shan stopped Shekava. Chris said, Mom, please help me. Shekhawat says how you will stop me. Asmita said at least consider Neilven. Give me Krish Shekhawat and say I don’t care about him. I adopted him. He is not my son. I just want you. If you cannot be mine, you will not be Shan. Shekhawat filmed Krishi and she fell on a stone. Shekhawat said I would kill the girl. Because of her, you left me. She must die. Amita and Shan ran and walked before Krishi.

Asmita pushed Shan. The bullet hit her. Asmita fell. Shan screamed Asmita .. The police came there to arrest Shekhawat. Nevi screamed Asmita. Shan tried to go to Asmita. He took her hand. Asmita is dying. Shan said, I won’t let you happen. He said he called an ambulance. Shan picks her up. Shan screamed and cried. Asmita said I don’t have time. Shan said don’t say that. Asmita said I have a last minute and I want to live with you. With my Krishi at the end of my life, I am in your arms. Shan said you wouldn’t happen anything. Asmita said I only love you in my life. She recalled their childhood. Asmita said I have always loved you. Every moment of my life. Asmita said that even if I die, I will always love you.

The song humari adhuri kahani. Shan recalled the moment they were together. Asmita said we didn’t have much time together. But these have been moments of my life. And Krishi is proof. Your Puchki must go. Please take care of Krishi. Give her a lifetime of happiness. Shan held her hand. Asmita sobbed. Asmita said I really love you. Kirch loves us. She did her best to unite us. Promise me, you won’t make her feel like we are not together. She cried many of us. She should not know that we cannot be together. She will collapse. Don’t let her know we broke up. Don’t let me die in front of her. You will let me live in front of her. To do this, you must make Devika Asmita. Shan was shocked. Asmita promised me. Shan said what you were talking about. Asmita says you have to make her Asmita. At this moment God sent her. Shan said that the ambulance was here. Don’t say that Amita is too late. Asmita said I knew it would be difficult. Asmita stroked his face and said you had to do it. For our children. You have to make Devika Asmita. I must live for her. promise me. Krish never knows I’m not with her. I am dead. Promise me that you will give her the love of both parents she has never had. Asmita said to give her the best life. This is my life. Asmita said that you will keep our story for our children.