Asmita said, promise me that you will keep our love story for our daughter. You will make Devika Asmita. Shan said otherwise. Asmita promised me, okay? Shan said I promise. Asmita stroked his face and hugged Krishi. Asmita said I really love you. Mom, if I did wrong, please forgive me. Neville said otherwise. Asmita said take care of herself and Krish. Shan said no. Asmita said it was time for me to go. Neville said you wouldn’t happen anything. Asmita said goodbye, Shan. Make my daughter happy. Never leave her alone. I love you. Asmita is dead. Shan screamed Pucci. He said open your eyes. Shan said, please open your eyes.

Scene 2
After six months
Krishi worships with Shan and Asmita. They are happy. Krishi saw the bell ringing. It landed on Asmita. Clichy screamed and woke up. she cried. Shan gave her water. He said what happened? Is this a nightmare? She said, Mom. Mom, when do these nightmares stop? Please bring mother back. I want Mom Shan to hug her and say relax. Clichy said, please bring her back. You tell me she will come. Where is she? Why didn’t she come? Shan said that brave children should not cry. Chris said, you promised to bring your mother back. Shan said she was in the police. She was sent to another city. There are network problems there. Don’t worry about her calling me, but you are sleeping. Clichy said why didn’t she talk to me? something wrong. Shan hugged her and said your mother was fine. She knew her princess was with her dad. No one will let her happen. Shan was sorry. I have no other choice. Shan said taking this medicine to sleep. If mom knows you’re sad, she will be angry with me. Mom always knows what you are doing. Don’t cry Krish and Shan sleep together. Shan said, how can I tell you how difficult life is without Asmita. I’m tired. Does Shan say you are not sleepy? Let’s go for breakfast. Krishi cried and said, Mom, where are you?

Shan is going to the kitchen. Nevie stopped him. How long will she go? You can’t do that. You know what doctors say about Clichy’s health. She doesn’t go to school. She lost her smile. She has no medicine. Stop giving her false hope. It’s been six months now and it’s time for you to fulfill your promise to Asmita. Find Devika and bring her here. Shan said I was looking for her every day. She is nowhere. I look for her every day. All I know is that God must help me heal my daughter. He took my Puchki from me. I won’t let her happen. I live only for my daughter. Shan received a call from the detective. what did he say? That’s great. I’m going there. He said the detective had found Devica. Neville said thank God. Where is she?

Scene 3
Devika is cycling. Everyone applauded for her.
Krish met her friend. When does she say you can be good Krish? Chris said when her mother would return. Dad said she would be back soon. I really miss her. Here comes Chahart. Clichy says my mom is the best mom in the world. She is simple but beautiful. She has always been wearing sari. Her smile is so beautiful. Devika is completely different. Krish said she never spoke. Devika yelled and was ready. She sang on the stage. She is a rock star. Devika performed at the concert. She performs. The police came and they stopped everything. Inspectors said that you cannot perform in college without permission. They arrested her. Shan looked at her.